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3. MaxFactor 3in1 Foundation: Project 10 Pan!♥

Hi beauties.

Sorry about my lack of posts this past week or so, but my twin sister has been home from university so I’ve been busy out & about with her (as well as work!).

Anyway, today I  have another Project 10 Pan Review for you. Todays product is MaxFactor’s All Day Flawless 3in1 Foundation. I have literally just used this foundation up & thought it’d be a perfect product to review since there doesn’t seem to be much about it in the beauty community.




What MaxFactor claim;

Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 foundation holds like a primer, corrects like a concealer with the long lasting finish of a liquid foundation with SPF 20.

  • Lasts all day, giving a flawless finish
  • Primer gives a smooth base for hold
  • Concealer corrects for a flawless look

Do I agree with these claims?

Yes, I would say I agreed with MaxFactor’s claims. The first claim that this foundation ‘holds like a primer’  is true as it does last a long time on the skin (even my combination/oily skin). However, the foundation does not act like a primer in the way that it fills in large pores, it will cover small pores but I did notice that if i didn’t put an additional pore primer underneath it did settle into larger pores (but what can we expect? nothing works a miracle!!).

MaxFactor’s second claim that this foundation ‘corrects like a concealer’ is 100% true, in my case anyway! Whilst using this foundation I found that I used less concealer, as when I chose to wear this foundation I would only conceal my undereyes. I found that this foundation covered up my redness/any discolouration I had on the skin perfectly (I don’t have bad acne or anything; just redness & scars from past blemishes!)

I would also agree with the third claim that this foundation is a ‘long lasting finish of a liquid foundation with SPF 20′, obviously we cannot, ourselves, test for SPF in a foundation but we just trust that it does. But the ‘flawless finish’ claim is definitely true in my opinion as this foundation NEVER cakes up, even when powdered & other face products are applied on-top. It doesn’t even look cakey if you have to touch it up during the day.




My favourite way to apply this foundation is with either the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge or theReal Techniques Buffing Brush. To me the combination of this foundation with either of these application methods is a dream, the application of this foundation is so effortless. While it is a liquid, it isn’t so liquid-y that it drips all over the place, this is especially good for me as I like to do a pump & a half of this foundation (this amount is enough for my whole face) on the back of my hand. I then use either the Real Techniques sponge or brush to evenly distribute the product all over my face before using a stippling motion to blend the foundation into my skin.

What I Think of MaxFactor All Day Flawless 3in1 Foundation

Although when I first bought this foundation I had no idea what it was like, as at the time there wasn’t many reviews online or hype about it, I thought ‘what the heck’ and took the plunge in buying it! After the first use of this foundation I fell in love, it has amazing coverage, doesn’t look/feel cake-y on the skin, lasts all day, has SPF 20 (who doesn’t love the fact it’s protecting you?) and lets face it, has 3 products in 1. The only down side to this foundation (which most brands fall down at this hurdle) is the fact it only has 6 shades. MaxFactor you need to make more shades!!!

So for all of you that have been debating whether to buy this foundation or not, I suggest you go check it out. It really is a brilliant drugstore/highstreet foundation, which you can’t really go wrong with, I give it a rating of 5/5 😀

**I am now lead to believe that this is the same as the Covergirl foundation everyone hyped about, so for any of you in the U.S or anywhere else that sells Covergirl, this is the same as that foundation.**

I hope you all liked this post, if you have any other questions about this product please feel free to comment below 🙂

Also, if you’ve tried this foundation I’d love to know your thoughts! xo

Lots of Love, Natasha ♥

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10 thoughts on “3. MaxFactor 3in1 Foundation: Project 10 Pan!♥”

  1. I agree with the primer aspect. It could be better. With this I only feel like I need to put primer on my nose where I have the biggest pores. Everywhere else is fine. Great review! X


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