15 Days of Beauty Challenge

Day 3: 15 Days of Beauty Challenge!♥

Hi beauties.

I’ve got another 15 Days of Beauty Challenge post for you! So here it is…

Day 3: Show us your heat styling tools!

I only own two heat styling tools, the Babyliss Pro Curling Wand & Nicky Clarke Colour Prolong Hair Straightener 🙂 I don’t use them everyday, I don’t have the need to straighten/curl my hair on a daily basis, but when I do I really enjoy using these tools.

** Don’t forget to protect your hair using heat protection spray or at least deep conditioning it every so often, as using heat on your hair (esp. on a daily basis) is very damaging!!!) **


Babyliss Pro Curling Wand

♥ Retails for £24.99 here in the UK

♥ Adjustable temperature (max. 210 degrees)

♥ This wand is perfect for any style of curls, you can achieve both tight curls & loose curls. If you use the thinner side of the barrel you will get more of a ringlet curl, whereas if you use the wider end of the barrel you’ll achieve more of a beachy wave. This is the reason why I love this heat styling tool so much as it’s so versatile.

♥ I give it a 5/5 – you can’t go wrong with it!


Nicky Clarke Colour Prolong Hair Straightener

♥ Retails for £19.99 here in the UK

♥ Adjustable heat control (max. temperature 230 degrees)

♥ Flashes green and blue when heating up & goes red when up to temperature/ready to use

♥ This is such a great straightener. I have owned straighteners that seem to take forever to properly straighten my hair, but this one, I only have to run it over my hair once & its poker straight (if you were wondering my hair is think & medium length, so it would work brilliantly on any hair type, I’m sure!!)


I hope you’ve all found this post interesting. I’d love to know what heat styling tools you use & why you love them 🙂 xo

Lots of Love Natasha ♥

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6 thoughts on “Day 3: 15 Days of Beauty Challenge!♥”

  1. I have that same exact curling wand from Conair! So weird how two different companies made the same exact curling iron (same color and everything!). Great post 🙂 -BeautyByAndriana


    1. i’ve just googled it & i think they’re the same company, so thats probably why 🙂 thank you, glad you liked it! xo


    1. Yay!! I totally agree, they are fab!! I think ive had mine a few years now & its still going strong 🙂 xo


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