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My fate is in your hands… ♥

Hi beauties.

I was laid in bed thinking about what blog posts I could do, when it suddenly occurred to me, why don’t I let my beautiful followers decide (after all, you guys are the ones who read the posts!).

So here we have it, my first poll… its simple! Just select which blog post you’d most like to see & which ever gets the most votes (after 1 week) I will do that post first (don’t worry though, as I’ll eventually get round to them all :)).



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Lots of Love Natasha ♥

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7 thoughts on “My fate is in your hands… ♥”

    1. would love to do an eyebrow post, even if it doesn’t get voted I’ll still be doing it soon anyway 🙂 & I’m sure your not that bad at them!xo


      1. Aw great 🙂 yea go for it, at least you’d be able to keep up with the shape & do them yourself 🙂 xo


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