Evening Skincare Routine!♥

Hi beauties. ☼

Since I’ve already done a post about my morning skincare routine (click here), I thought it was about time I did my evening skincare routine, it is also a kind of ‘how I remove my makeup’ post as well since I do wear makeup most days 🙂

To start my evening cleansing routine I first remove my makeup, I start off by taking my eye makeup off, to do this I use baby oil. Yes, that’s right, I said baby oil, I discovered this tip from Sinead Cady (The Makeup Chair on YouTube). It seriously removes every trace of eye makeup whilst conditioning the lashes (I can see a difference, when I use baby oil my lashes grow to be thicker & fuller). However, you do have to make sure you don’t get too much of it on your face as it will clog your pores! (your eye area is different to the rest of your face, it isn’t made up of pores as such, which we have on the rest of the face!) 🙂

Johnson’s baby oil!

Anyway, I take a bit of baby oil onto a cotton pad & press it lightly on my eye for a few seconds! When you wipe the cotton pad away the majority of your eye makeup will be gone 🙂 To remove the rest of my face makeup I then take a makeup wipe (well I use baby wipes, just because they are cheaper & to me they all do the same job!!) & lightly buff it over the skin to remove the rest of my makeup.

*side note* I wouldn’t advise using ONLY a makeup wipe to take your makeup off as it doesn’t get deep into the skin like a cleanser, meaning your more likely to become prone to breakouts due to dirty skin/clogged pores!

Simple baby wipes!

Once most of my makeup is taken off I then go in with my cleanser, Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, I take a pea-sized amount between my fingers & massage it into my face for a minute or so, I then take a muslin cloth & buff the cleanser off, taking with it the residue of my makeup & any other dirt left on the skin 🙂 SERIOUSLY. If you are having skin problems this cleanser is the BEST. I know it is quite pricey but for skincare I don’t think I could ever compromise; this cleanser has saved my skin, I hardly have breakouts now & it is definitely due to this product as I did have a month or so where I’d run out of it & my skin went crazy!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish!

Lastly, to finish off my evening skincare routine I use both Simple’s toner & thick moisturiser. I put a bit of toner on a cotton pad & wipe it all over the face & neck (never forget the neck with all skincare!), after the wetness has gone from my face I then apply my moisturiser all over my face & neck to re-hydrate my skin (although the Liz Earle cleanser DOESN’T leave the skin feeling dry, I know it’s best to moisturise as well, even for someone like me with oily skin!!).

Simple moisturiser & toner!

My top 5 skincare tips:

1. Be sure to remove all traces of makeup on a night.

2. Find a cleanser that is right for you & stick with it.

3. Never forget to take the skincare down your neck. We apply makeup there so it only seems right! Also, the neck gives off the biggest signs of aging!

4. ALWAYS moisturise, even if you have oily skin. Your skin will be worse for it if you don’t, as it will over produce oils to compensate.

5. When using oils to take eye makeup off be sure it is fully removed & don’t get too much on your face.

I hope you have enjoyed this post or at least found it helpful. If you have any questions about any of the products, then please leave a comment below 🙂

Lots of Love Natasha ♥

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