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Due to my health I have been taken into hospital. Dont panic, I’m ok (as such); well I wouldn’t be updating you if not, would I? … anyway due to this I will probably be absent until I’m out as its difficult to post when I’m not at home! :/

I hope you are all well & can enjoy my blog for the content I’ve got already, but gave no fear!!! I WILL BE BACK

In the meantime I’ll probably still be reading blog posts, liking & commenting as I’m able to do so.. so I won’t be absent in that sense!! 🙂

Remember guys, I love you all & thank you ALL so much for the continued support, it means the world! ★


Lots of Love Natasha ♥

P.s. Don’t forget to check-out my latest YouTube video, my casual day get ready with me (click here) to view it. For product & brushes I used to create the look, please visit my previous post 🙂 ★

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22 thoughts on “Update!♥”

    1. Aw thanks I hope it will be too 🙂 yea I shouldn’t be away too long! But still gonna be reading other blogs and commenting, gives me something to take my mind of things:) xx


    1. Aw don’t be, it all happened so fast tbf :/ just gonna keep reading and commenting on others blogs to keep me occupied 🙂 Thank you will do; im in the best care xx


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