Summer Scents: Perfume Collection!♥

Hi beauties. ☼

It occurred to me that all my perfumes are quite summer-y, so I thought it was only right to do a perfume collection to show you what perfumes I’m loving! I have 4 perfumes I’m going to share with you & 1 sample I received last month which I want to share with you! Anyway, I’ll stop rambling; on with the post…wpid-20140604_174525.jpg

1. Gwen Stefani Harajuku ‘Wicked Style’ Baby – well this has been enlightening, I didn’t have the foggiest idea that Gwen Stefani created this range of perfumes. Anywhooo, this is a beautiful perfume all the same, not only does it look beautiful, but it smells it too! It lasts quite a while on the skin, however, I have probably only worn this a few hours at a time, I usually wear it for special occasions/events.

Her scent is as sweet and gentle as she is; a vanilla floral with little touches of fruitiness. Velvety white peach and red apple all wrapped up in the delicateness of freesia and orchid. Tender and feminine with a little touch of the unexpected.

I love this perfume, it’s such a delicate & feminine scent! I received this as a gift a year or so ago & from the minute I smelt it; I fell in love! You can definitely smell the vanilla, but to me that’s the best thing about it!! I LOVE VANILLA!! The other notes in the perfume work together to compliment the perfume as a whole. This perfume will probably remain in my collection for a very long time & I’d definitely repurchase it! 🙂


2. Marc Jacobs Oh Lola! – OH WOW! That’s what comes to mind when I think of this perfume. It really does smell delicious, it is probably my favourite perfume in my collection for summer! To me it is summer in a bottle 🙂 The bottle, lets just appreciate its pure beauty, is super cute with the flower top, I mean what girl wouldn’t love this perfume?

Marc Jacobs Oh Lola begins with light and fruity Pear and effervescent Raspberry, over a dewy floral heart of Peony, Magnolia and Cyclamen and a rich seductive base of Sandalwood, Tonka Bean and Vanilla.

This definitely describes this perfume to a T, it’s such a beautiful perfume (if you haven’t smelt it you need to!!). The raspberry notes are definitely detectable, it’s like you’ve been hit by a sweet but floral pillow! This perfume also lasts quite well on the skin, if I go shopping for the day I can still smell it when I get back home! I guess it depends how much you sweat & all that hm, well loveliness (haha!!).


3. Taylor Swift Taylor – As you beauties may know, I loveeee Taylor Swift so naturally I bought her fragrances (well the first & third one, I’m yet to buy the second one, Wonderstruck Enchanted!). This is the third one in her collection, it is a very classy, grown-up fragrance compared to the other two. It is perfect for special occasions, I find it too over-powering for everyday use! Taylor by Taylor Swift stays on the skin well, I usually wear it on a night & it lasts pretty much the whole night!

Taylor by Taylor Swift is a sweet, fruity fragrance infused with soft floral and creamy cashmere musk. A youthful perfume with a woody base.
Top notes: Litchi, Tangerine, Magnolia Petals
Heart notes: Peony, Orchid, Hortensia
Base notes: Sandalwood, Apricot, Musk

The creamy cashmere musk definitely shines through with this perfume, this is why I prefer it for evening wear/special occasions! Despite this you can detect a sweet/fruity fragrance, I think without this the perfume would be waaaaay too over-powering for me! But this adds a subtlety to the perfume, which i love!wpid-20140604_174446.jpg

4. Taylor Swift Wonderstruck – *I already have a full review on this, click here to read it* – This is the first perfume Taylor released, it is my favourite out of the two I have. Mainly because it is more wearable for everyday use & come on, LOOK AT THE BOTTLE. It’s sooo pretty!! I swear I’m a magpie!!! I literally use this everyday, no matter what the occasion I wear it, I swear my friends/family must be sick of it by now!! haha. This perfume lasts pretty much all day on the skin, however, if I’m going out again in the evening I will re-apply it, but seriously guys; what perfume stays on 24 hours? none.

Wonderstruck is an awe-inspiring, magical feeling. The fragrance has notes of freesia, green tea, apple blossom, raspberry and dewberry. The result is sparkling; an enchanted fragrance.


5. Ghost Eclipse – I received the sample of this perfume in last months glossybox. OH MY, I’ve fallen head over heels!! I’m definitely going to be purchasing the full bottle when I run out, it is such a gorgeous fragrance!!

A tangling explosion of fruit notes set the senses on alert. Sweet bergamot, lemon, mandarin, apple and peach draw you into memories of crisp, care free summer days.
In contrast, the romantic heart of freesia, Lotus Flower and sensual rose create a feeling of femininity with a soft playful character.
Delicate touches of amber, peach and musk bring sophistication and sensuality to this addictive and unforgettable fragrance.

This perfume is quickly becoming one of my faves & I’ve had it less than a month!! It’s such an elegant but feminine fragrance, it makes you feel & smell like a million dollars!! 🙂

I hope you’ve liked this different post. I thought it was about time I did another fragrance post! – If you’d like to see a review on any of these perfumes let me know 🙂

Be sure to check out my Taylor Swift Wonderstruck review (one of my first few posts!), click here to read it!

Lots of Love Natasha ❤

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7 thoughts on “Summer Scents: Perfume Collection!♥”

  1. I feel like we might have similar perfume tastes since I own a lot of the ones in your list. Have you tried Chloe Eau de Parfum? Love that one! – Sharon |


      1. I’ve got the Marc Jacobs and one of the Harajuku Girls collection. Also have Burberry Brit and Miss Dior Cherie 🙂


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