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Mr Nutcase: Pimp Your Case!♥

Hi beauties. ☼

I’ve got quite a different post for you today, but I’m sure you’ll love it as there’s something for everyone here, read til the end to find out more 🙂

I’m super excited to be doing this post. Recently I got the chance to work with the company ‘Mr Nutcase’ – I’m sure most of you will have seen their adverts! Basically they are a company that sell phone cases, either from their collection or you can ‘Pimp Your Case’ – design your own!

I have agreed to do a review on my blog about their website/phone cases, & as a reward I get to keep my very own customised phone case as a thank you!

So here’s my review…

What did I think of Mr Nutcase?

Mr Nutcase & the team didn’t disappoint. Their website is easy to use, it’s easy to ‘pimp your case’ & navigate through the other collections.  The service was very fast & I didn’t come across any problems! I received my order within about 3-4 days of purchase, which to me is FAST!
There was also an offer on to get a free screen protector for your phone if you liked their Facebook page!

My custom designed case


This is the case I designed myself, it was super easy to do – you just upload images to the website & place them were desired! There are lots of layouts to choose from, you could have 1 picture or several pictures as shown above! There were other fancy layouts as well which adds to the customisation of the phone case. Which I think is a brilliant idea! 🙂

The ‘Pimp Your Case’ phone cases retail for about £14.95 – it may vary depending on your phone & the type of case you’re wanting though. However, to me this price is very reasonable as the phone cases are of a high quality, it’s a thin plastic but it’s not flimsy (Ultra Light Weight Slimline Case) & it fits on my phone PERFECTLY! The pictures are very high quality & have been printed onto the phone case very clearly & just as I designed! What’s not to love? 🙂

Overall I would give the Mr Nutcase team & their service a 5/5. For a first time buyer they have definitely impressed me & I’m not just saying this because it’s sponsored & I got to keep my case. I’m genuinely very pleased with the service & the quality of the product. I highly recommend!

Thank you all for reading my Mr Nutcase review, this post wouldn’t be complete without a selfie with my custom case, so here you are…


Oh, before I forget, here’s a little something from me & the Mr Nutcase Team – enter “Thanku10” as a discount code at the checkout to get 10% off your order ❤

If you’d like anymore information about this company then please comment below.

Have you purchased from Mr Nutcase before? What were your thoughts?

Go follow the Mr Nutcase team:

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