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Tanya Burr Lipgloss Review!♥

Hi beauties. ☼

After years of making YouTube videos Tanya Burr recently collaborated with Eye Candy for her own range of lipglosses & nail polishes! Today I’m  going to be reviewing one of her lipglosses, I haven’t yet tried any of her nail products. So let me know what you think of the nail polishes 🙂

After watching Tanya’s videos for a few years now I was SUPER excited when she released her lipgloss/nail collection, so of course I had to purchase something! I decided upon getting one of her lipglosses in the shade ‘Afternoon Tea’. It’s a pink-y nude shade, actually I’ve found it practically MAC’s Creme Cup in lipgloss form, so if you’re wanting to try Creme Cup, maybe go for this cheaper alternative? 🙂


(L-R) Tanya Burr Afternoon Tea & MAC Creme Cup. As you can see they are similar colours, Afternoon Tea is a slightly warmer toned pink than Creme Cup. However, on the lips they look pretty much identical, hence why I think Afternoon Tea is a good dupe 🙂


Anyway, enough babble, on with the review..

20140418_213242   Claims:

If you’re hankering after the perfect catwalk-inspired pout or want an everyday high shine lip gloss, take a look at these gleaming lip glosses from Tanya Burr.

Offering a state of the art finish and performance, each Tanya Burr Lip Gloss comes packed with moisturising ingredients to feed and hydrate the lips. Choose from rich beautiful shades in crème and shimmer finishes and each tube comes with a handy lip brush applicator for a glossy ‘wet look’, with long-lasting shine.

Paraben Free.


Do I agree with these claims?

Yes I’d say I do, these lipglosses are very moisturising & hydrating on the lips.Not only are they good for the lips but they also come in a range of amazing colours & finishes, you can choose from a creme or shimmer finish, whatever floats your boat! The shade I have, Afternoon Tea, is a highly pigmented – almost liquid lipstick type – gloss. In this aspect they have astounded me!!!

As of yet I couldn’t tell you about the longevity of the lipgloss as I haven’t worn it for a full day yet! I tend to wear lipsticks more than glosses on a day-to-day basis, don’t ask why, I just prefer them! 😀

These lipglosses definitely leave a ‘glossy wet look’ to the lips, it’s not too sticky but to what I’m used to it does feel a bit tacky! Saying that, they are most definitely not uncomfortable on the lips! The applicator is pretty good, it’s flat on both sides, to me this is kind of awkward & doesn’t exactly make any difference to the application in comparison to the normal applicators you find for a lipgloss!

I know we all want the ‘Tanya Burr pout’ & I think these glosses definitely help you achieve that. So if you’re a fan of glosses, I definitely say go for it, they’re worth every penny. However, if like me your not fond of the stickiness of the formula then maybe give them a miss.

Overall I’d give Tanya Burr’s Lipgloss in Afternoon Tea a 4/5. I loooooove the colour range,  the fact you can get different finishes & the high quality/pigmentation of them. But (yes, there’s a but!) I’m not fond of the stickiness, it’s just my personal preference so it’s probably my own fault. So I’m sure if you like the feeling of a gloss on your lips, you’ll love these glosses!

Have you tried any of Tanya’s lipgloss/nail range? What are your thoughts on them?

Thank you for reading beauties. Let me know what you think of the range & what shade/s you’ve got! As always, I love hearing from you all & until next time, byeeeeeee beauties!! xo

Lots of Love Natasha ❤

– ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ –

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