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They’re Real Push Up Liner Review ❤

Hi beauties 🌞

Today I’ve got a review for you, hands up if you’ve missed these, I certainly have!
The review I’ve got for you today is of the They’re Real Push Up Liner. If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know I received some freebies from Benefit, well, this (sample) came with those!

I was so excited when I received this sample as I’d wanted to try the liner since it’d been launched. To me it looked gimocy, but it actually works. The first bit of product was a bit dry but once you warm up the product it glides on alright. It’s not the most creamy gel liner I’ve tried, the Maybelline one is definitely more creamy, but for what it is, it’s alright.


As you can see the sample is most definitely a mini sized one,  but the tip applicator is exactly the same & so is the product!

Although I did enjoy the concept of this liner, to me, it isn’t the best gel product I’ve tried. Yes, it’s handy for travelling (don’t need to carry a separate brush!). Yes, it is nice and black, but I hoped for a better consistency of the actual product. I found it balled up a bit & although the staying power was very good,  like it’s sister, the They’re Real Mascara, I wouldn’t pay £18.50 for it when there are cheaper, better alternatives.

Personally I wouldn’t purchase the full size, just because I’m happy with liquid liner and own a better gel alternative, but if you’re wanting to try it I definitely suggest you do. Especially if your a LOVER of gel liner! The packaging is very clever & to be honest, this is the selling point. We beauty-holics are too easily swayed by different or inventive packaging, but hey, the beauty industry kind of relies on that.

Anyway, here’s a peek at what I created using They’re Real Push Up Liner…



Have you tried Benefits They’re Real Push Up Liner? What are your thoughts? :)💜

Lots of Love Natasha

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6 thoughts on “They’re Real Push Up Liner Review ❤”

  1. A few months ago a new Ulta opened near me and I got a gift card from their grand opening and decided to try out this liner. I was so glad I didn’t actually spend money on it. I was super disappointed, I think the concept is nice but I agree it can get clumpy and was very unforgiving if you messed up.

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    1. I totally agree with you. At least we got to get it for free 🙂 its definitely a let down considering I love the mascara xo


  2. I didn’t get on that well with this, I wasn’t sure if it was just the sample size or whether it would be a problem with the full size as well – but I couldn’t understand how you had to squeeze it up the tube, always meant too much came out for me! For gel i prefer maybelline’s gel pot – much cheaper too! x


    1. I’m exactly the same. Too much product is wasted for the price! Me too. That’s exactly the one I love & I think I always will. It’s so good for the price 🙂 xo

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