The Rules of Red Lips

Absolutely love this post, some good tips 👌

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Emma Elizabeth.


Although my po-faced vanity suggests otherwise, I really do love wearing red lipstick! The bold simplicity of it draws me like a moth to the flame. However, like the ill-fated moth, red lipstick has left me with burning cheeks on more than one occasion.. lipstick caked teeth, chin/nose smudges, Mrs Twit-esque lip creases, leper-like dry lips. I’ve been there and done that on more than one occasion.

However, fear not my fellow crimson lipped lepidopteras, I have found the answer. This is my fool proof guide to a stay in place red lip:

  1. Using a toothbrush I gently exfoliate my lips, this means they have a nice smooth surface
  2. Afterwards, when applying my foundation I use a sponge applicator to coat my lips
  3. I then use a red lip liner to line & fill.. I usually draw an X in order to create the perfect cupid’s bow and then follow…

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