Lush Fizz Banger Bath Bomb ❤

Hi beauties,

I think I’ve just found my new ALL TIME FAVOURITE Lush bath bomb!!!! I have literally just tested this out & my gosh is it beautiful.

Which bath bomb is it I hear you ask? Only Lush’s Fizz Banger. I tell you. If you haven’t tried it, you NEED to!! 🙂


If your a loyal reader of my blog you’ll know I included this in my Lush haul quite a few months ago now. Only now have I got round to using it!
Oh boy, it was worth the wait. My best friend recommended it to me & she wasn’t wrong to, it’s gorgeous!

What Lush says about its Fizz Banger..

A Catherine wheel of a bath bomb. It changes colour as it fizzes, crackling with popping candy as it goes and releasing first a citrussy apple and then a cinnamon, apple pie like scent with a hint of ylang ylang. 

It definitely does change colour & Fizz about all around the water. It looks truly stunning when put into the water (image below!). It also smells very citrussy which I love, it’s so calming.


How cute does it look?:)

Once the Fizz Banger has done it’s thing, the water underneath is left a bright green colour. It looks awesome!


The colour is lovely & calming while still holding the citrus burst of scent. It truly is a lovely bath bomb!

For £3.35 each you can’t really go wrong. Next time your in Lush definitely pick one up! 🙂

Have you tried Fizz Banger?  What did you think?  ❤

P.S Not long till the 500 follower giveaway!

Lots of Love Natasha

– ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ –

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