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I’m baaaack!! Life update!

Hey everyone… I hadn’t realised it had been so so long 😭 a lot has happened in that time & I’m now going to be a ❤MUMMY❤

As if my last post was March 2016 😮 nearly two years ago!! Whaaaat!!!

During my time away I started my own Younique business, which I LOVED!! It became such a passion as I’d lost the love of blogging *cry face!* this seemed to help fill that space and give me something to focus on, which I loved.

Recently though, a certain little someone; baby Fellows, due May 2018, has taken over my life & come to the forefront of my life! Which I’m definitely loving, as someone that has always wanted kids, I couldn’t be happier. 😃 Although it hasn’t been easy, which I will be doing a seperate post about!

Younique has taken a back seat; I still adore the makeup, just fell out of love with the business side as I also work full time as a carer (not so much now due to baby) but perusing my full time job & Younique business as well as pregnancy was waaaay too hard & so tiring on myself I needed to put me & baby first!☺

Aside from my jobs I also have a busy family life, no rest for me, haha! 🙂 Of course that’s only going to get busier😍

Now that I’m back I’m planning on doing at least 1 blog post a week, possibly 2🙂 I’ll be posting different things, mainly life posts & makeup of course.. can’t forget the makeup!!😃

Thank you all for your continued support & I look forward to getting to know even more of you ☺❤

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