♡ Lush Marmalade Jelly Bomb ♡

Hi lovelies ☺

If you read my blog before you’ll know I LOVEEEE Lush!! Who doesn’t right!?😍

So when I discovered they were doing jelly bombs I just had to have one… I do wish I’d bought multiple though!!😂

Anyway, I was browsing Lush & the lovely assistant came over, after asking me what sort of things I like he pointed me towards this fairly new bomb… after he explained how it works & it’s benefits of moisturising your skin while relaxing you I couldn’t resist!! I’m glad he did mention it to me as I’d never seen this baby before 😮

What lush claim

Please look after this Jelly Bomb and uplifting orange flower absolute will look after your mood. Get in a warm bath, toss in this brightening brunch of Brazilian orange and grapefruit oils and relax as jelly covers the water, softening skin and spreading joy as it goes.

This jelly bomb details for £4.95 per bomb which to me it is definitely worth it. If you use lush a lot you’ll know they aren’t super duper cheap but not expensive.. after all their ingredients are natural & cruelty free based!!

This jelly bomb definitely does relax you.. it is by far my favourite one I’ve tried! I really wish I’d picked a few of them up as I don’t live close to a Lush store 😕 #sadtimes not only did I feel super relaxed after this bath but my skin felt AMAZING!!! Literally like never before.. considering I’m now 28 weeks pregnant any moisturisation & calming ingredients are vital.. I had the best nights sleep that night 🙂😍

Here’s how it looked in my bath…

As it was dissolving the bath water did go very jelly like.. if you like a nice hot bath, like me, the bomb will dissolve totally & the water will no longer feel like jelly which is nice. Although it does still feel super moisturising & glossy to the touch!🙂

As you can see the water is no longer a jelly like consistency! What other thing I did love was there was actual orange pieces in the bath that just made it smell even more divine 😍

Basically, you can tell this is my new favourite & I’ll definitely be buying HEAPS more!!🙂

Have you tried this or any of the other jelly bombs!?

Let’s be friends 🙂




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