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My labour story…

Hi everyone😊

So it’s been a little while since I last uploaded! A lot has happened, MY LITTLE MAN IS NOW HERE!!😍

I really wanted to share my labour story with you all & make this a start to me uploading more (going to try upload at least once a week but ideally more!!) So definitely follow me for baby updates, all things makeup & beauty & my journey as a new mum!❤

My handsome little Prince, Rylie, was born on Wednesday 6th June at 23:23 via c section! My c section was not planned but was the best option in the end… read on to hear the full story🙂


My labour started days before the big event & started quite slowly. The Monday before he was born I went to see the midwife for a stretch & sweep (if you don’t know what this is it’s basically something that is meant to help bring the labour on!). We went in for the stretch & sweep, by this time he was already 6 days over the due date, the midwife did all the checks he definitely sounded happy in there as he always has (she joked he was too comfy in there! Which he probably was!😉) anyway she was unable to do the sweep as my cervix were out of reach, despite this she said it still may help! I’m not sure whether it did as that morning I had already started with slight period pain like cramps, which I told her about & was hopeful that something was happening! So after leaving the midwife we went on with our normal day, went to see family & I noticed the cramps did not go & were getting slightly worse over the course of the evening!


Early hours of Tuesday morning the pains got worse, now I was realising I was getting contractions & this was the beginning of us meeting our little man. As the pains where getting closer together & were about every 5 mins & getting stronger we rang the hospital & was told we could come in but if nothing was happening we’d be sent home (we live about 45 mins away from the hospital I was going to give birth!). So we went in as the pains were getting progressively worse & paracetamol was no longer helping as much… breathing techniques really are your best friend during labour, it truly is the only thing that really helps (other than super strong drugs of course, but we don’t have those at home!).

When we arrived at the hospital we were left waiting for a while.. after at least half an hour of waiting to be seen a midwife came & examined us… annoyingly nothing was happening! I wasn’t dilated at all, so we were sent home! This midwife was the only midwife I had a problem with she was so rude & belittling so I was glad to be going back home!!

All Tuesday the pains got even worse & I was just trying to keep the pain down using paracetamol & breathing techniques. At this point I’d not slept all night & was feeling so drained already due to the pain.


Wednesday morning came, around 5/6 in the morning & I just couldn’t bare the pain anymore.. I woke my other half up & insisted we needed to go to the hospital, I couldn’t cope with the pain anymore & needed more pain relief, paracetamol just wasn’t touching the pain anymore!! We already had everything in the car, even so it took me a while to bring myself to move cos the pain was so bad… the car journey wasn’t as bad as I was expecting I just concentrated on my breathing which like I said earlier.. breathing techniques are your best friend in labour.. they help so much, it’s amazing, the pain is so strange it’s hard to describe unless you’ve experienced it before!

Once we got to the hospital & made our way to the labour ward we were shown to a room straight away & was introduced to the loveliest midwife… every midwife we met from here was so amazing & I couldn’t wish to be treat any better!!

Within about an hour of being on the labour ward a doctor broke my waters for me – they already suspected they’d been leaking during the last couple of days as I was also losing some of my plug while being at home… it didn’t shed at once it just came out as a pinky discharge (sorry tmi!).

All of a sudden we had loads of doctors in the room.. my midwife told us not to worry; but naturally you do! Since we have had some troubles in the past they said they wanted to keep an eye on us… once my waters had been broken I was given gas & air to help with the pain, it helped slightly but like I’ve said, it’s the breathing that helps!🙂

To cut a long story short the labour was progressing but very slowly! At one point little mans heart rate dropped so they had to do tests, which at the best of times would be uncomfortable!🙈 Thankfully his heart rate picked back up & the tests came back normal. The doctors where no longer worried as they nearly rushed us in for emergency c section… they gave us longer to see if the labour would progress more itself, at this point I’d not slept for nearly 2 whole days so I was knackered, I opted for the epidural to try get some rest in the hope I’d be able to push him out.

Once the epidural was in the labour just wasn’t going anywhere, we got to 7cm dilated & the doctors & midwife could see I was so tired & ready for him to be here. They urged I had a c section which we all decided would be best. I had been so against a c section & I don’t know why, I think it was lack of knowledge.. the doctors explained the procedure & everyone involved where amazing, I felt so much more relaxed!

Me & my partner were taken in to theatre & my sister was taken to the recovery room to wait (my other half was keeping her updated via texts!). No longer than half an hour of going in to theatre our little Prince was born at 23:23 😍 everyone working on me were so so shocked at how big he was.. they were all saying “How did you hide him in there?” Rylie was born 9Ibs 8oz which is a very good size, he’s also very long! If you know me you know I’m not the biggest of people, I am however pretty tall (about 5 foot 10!). We were instantly in love, he cried almost straight away which was a relief, they cleaned him up & my other half was able to cuddle him while I was being sewn back up! It wasn’t over though.. I was in theatre a good couple of hours as they noticed a bleed which they got a consultant in to stitch up! Once that was sorted they stitched me back up! The sensation of him being pulled out was so weird, you don’t feel a thing just the pressure of the pushing & pulling on your belly!

It really is amazing what they all do😍 there were so many people working around me together to make everything go smoothly & keep me comfortable. Of course you feel crappy due to all the drugs but all of it was worth it! We have our little Prince here safe & sound & at the end of the day that’s all that mattered to us!🙂❤

If anyone would like me to go in more detail about c sections & the aftercare/recovery then let me know I’d love to share as much as I can with you all🙂

I would love to hear your stories & experience! 🙂 every birth is so different, it’s amazes me how us women can be put through so much & come out even stronger at the end!❤

I want to say a huge thank you to all the staff at Hull women’s & children hospital for looking after us during & after labour! Couldn’t fault any of them!❤

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