Becoming a mum; my journey, breastfeeding

Breastfeeding journey in pictures, so far!!♡

Something so natural & amazing needs to be celebrated 😁😍 a few of us over Rylies life so far!! Nearly 9 weeks of breast feeding 🙌 it hasn’t been easy at times but so worth it! 💖

Everyone said how hard breastfeeding was going to be & I almost felt like people were doubting me before we’d even begun.. but I stood my ground & we have come so far! After being told I was going to struggle I did so much research, yes you can research BF there are videos & articles that help you get “the perfect latch” (or at least learn what it looks like)👏🏼
I urge anyone wanting to breastfeed to research about it… my post below lists some videos I used that I found super helpful 🙂💖

I don’t want to make anyone feel bad or anything for whatever reason… breast or bottle it’s everyone’s individual decision I’m just super proud and happy of our journey so I’m going to share it 😃💖

#WBW2018 #worldbreastfeedingweek

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