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#MakeupAndASmile Campaign ♡

The #MakeupAndASmile campaign was started by the beautiful Sophie of Life of Little Things blog. I wanted to show support by helping to raise awareness of this subject as until you go through this or know someone that has, you can’t really understand how people suffering from an illness really feels when you say they look ‘fine’.

#MakeupAndASmile So many people are affected by mental & physical illness now a days. Please don’t judge a book by its cover! Looks can be very deceiving.

Someone may look or say they’re ‘fine’ but inside they’re probably screaming out. Wanting to tell the world how they feel but not knowing how to put it in words. Or worrying that they’d think they’re stupid. Let me tell you, your feelings are not ‘stupid’. It’s human to have emotions, but sometimes they get the better of us, especially if daily life is made harder for whatever reason!
Illnesses, which ever form they take, are all as serious! Please speak out & reach out for help if you’re struggling, there’s so much help & support out there for you.

YOU are worthy. YOU are great. YOU are unique. There’s only one YOU so let it be the best you, you can be!😘💖

♡Please spread the love & share soph’s campaign or better still share your story, use #MakeupAndASmile & don’t forget to insert a picture of you wearing your beautiful smile!!♡

*If anyone ever needs someone to talk to. I’m always here. I like to think I’m a good listener!*

Read Sophie’s, Life Of Little Things, original post about her #MakeupAndASmile campaign here


I’m going to be uploading every Tuesday & Thursday but today I wanted to do this bonus post to show support to a fellow blogger. Let’s help make the world a better place!

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