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Top 5 Breastfeeding essentials ❤

Hi lovelies,

How are you all? Since I’ve had a lot of great response from my previous breast feeding posts I thought I would do a post about what things I found that helped make my breastfeeding journey easier & more comfortable!🙂

1. A good, comfy nursing bra. My first two were from M&S, they are really comfy but M&S themselves have a limited range or styles & sizes. Which for you ladies with larger breasts naturally it’s no good.

However, I recently found out about Neil & his nursing bra shop. I have a few different styles of bras from his website. Here are two of them.

Hot Milk Show Off, click here to view.

Bravado original, click here to view.

**Pictures taken from the website!**

I absolutely adore these bras, they make my life so much easier, one pop & I can feed my little man. They are super comfy too as these aren’t wired, despite this they’re still supportive. I highly recommend these bras if your looking for a good, sturdy & stylish nursing bra!🙂

2. Reusable Nursing pads. I found these to be so so helpful especially in the beginning when your breasts are getting used to how much your baby will need. I was forever leaking for at least the first month, these were a life saver.

I prefer these to the disposable ones as they are not only better for the environment but they’re more comfy & sit better in your bra. The disposable ones get all crumpled up in your bra!!

3. Nature Bond Silicone Pump.

At first I started off using the Tommee Tippee manual pump, it is good but when my milk was established & my boobs weren’t hard as such anymore (just feel normal!) I didn’t seem to be able to get anything from them using the manual pump.

When I switched to this I wished I’d used it sooner, it is fab. Super easy to use, you just suction it on & let it do the work. Great for if your busy, you can wear it while doing housework.

I definitely recommend it to any of you mums thinking of breastfeeding, it’s so affordable too!

4. Lasinoh Nipple Cream. I swore by this stuff, my nipples never got sore & I believe it was down to this. I applied it a couple times a day, I loved it as it is safe for baby to feed from your nipples with it on. It definitely does the job!!

5. Breastfeeding pillow. I couldn’t feed my little man without this in the beginning, these pillows are amazing! Due to having a c section it was so painful just to lift my baby, so having this pillow to hand was a lifesaver. It literally supports baby for you so you can both feed comfortably! This is essential in the beginning especially as baby does take far longer to feed as you & baby are learning.

I hope this helps any of you ladies thinking of breastfeeding!🙂 If you would like any more information on any of the products mentioned above let me know.

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