30 Days Of Makeup Nov 2018

30 day makeup challenge♡

Hi lovelies,

I have decided I’m going to take part in the #30daysofmakeupchallenge 😍 have seen it about & thought it would be super fun to do 😄 yesterday was just bare faced so thought I would include it in today’s as well 😅

Day 1 – bare face

My skin has got so much better than it ever was! Having a baby is clearly good for my skin! Haha 🤣 before I had Rylie my skin was super oily & spot prone. Now it has gone more dry but I hardly ever get spots! YAY!!❤

Day 2 – Everyday makeup

Absolutely love this look!! 😍 super easy to do & don’t you agree, looks stunning! Love how healthy & glowy my skin looks!! PLUS. LOOK AT THOSE LASHES. Yes they’re all mine! No falsies needed ❤

If any of you are doing this tag let me know 🙂 or feel free to join in! It’s going to be so much fun!❤

Want lashes like mine? Browse my mascara here.

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