12 Days of Christmas Day 4 Christmas Tree, oh Christmas tree!❤

Hi lovelies😘

I saw this photo (below) on Google & was obsessed. I just knew I had to recreate it. It inspired me to do my own take on it as I’d never done it before I didn’t quite know how it was going to turn out!!

I did change it slightly as I took inspiration, I didn’t want to copy someone else’s work exactly. Below is my version of this Christmas Tree inspired look!

I love this green shade, shimmery green shade from Soph X Revolution Palette 🙂 I just love the extra bit of glam it gave this look!! It actually isn’t as hard as it looks! If I can do it, so can you! Used a green face paint as a base for the liner & packed the green shadow on top. I also used face paint for the different coloured bulbs!!

check out my tutorial on my FB page (Link below!)

I then of course had to tie it altogether with a dark red lip!! 🎄 Feeling so festive right now. Are you ready for Christmas?

☆Let’s be friends☆



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