Makeup of the day

Christmas Day Makeup❤

Hi lovelies,


I just wanted to share yesterday’s look with you all. I will post what products I used at a later date in case you’d like to know!!

how are you celebrating Christmas? 🙂 We went to my grandparents with my sister & her partner 😊 love Christmas, such a fun day filled with love & joy!! so so grateful for my family, friends & good health!!

I hope you’ve had the best day ever, whether you celebrate Christmas or not 🎄❤

☆Let’s be friends☆



Makeup by Nat

4 thoughts on “Christmas Day Makeup❤”

    1. aw thank you 🙂 it’s the Keilidh Urban Bible Palette with so su😍 it’s gorgeous.. my twin got it for Xmas so we both had to use it! definitely going to be getting it for myself 😄 I then used a younique glitter liner on the inner corner for a nice bright pop xx


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