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Christmas Day Makeup❤

Hi lovelies,


I just wanted to share yesterday’s look with you all. I will post what products I used at a later date in case you’d like to know!!

how are you celebrating Christmas? 🙂 We went to my grandparents with my sister & her partner 😊 love Christmas, such a fun day filled with love & joy!! so so grateful for my family, friends & good health!!

I hope you’ve had the best day ever, whether you celebrate Christmas or not 🎄❤

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Makeup of the day


Hi lovelies,

It was my birthday last Thursday, yaaay!! I’m now 24!🙂

For my birthday I got the Lunar Beauty, Life’s a Drag palette & just had to use it 😍

I used the pink & yellow from the palette. If you have the palette you’ll know how gorgeous & pigmented it is!!


How gorgeous are these shades? I’m in love. You will definitely see more looks using this palette in the near future!

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Autumnal obsession ❤

Hi lovelies,

I was feeling the autumn/fall vibes!! 😍 Autumn is probably my favourite season when it comes to makeup, I love the berry & orangey tones especially on my green eyes! ❤

For this look I used my custom shadow palette in the shades Agile, Fervent, Manipulative & Optimistic.

I put agile in the crease & outer corner. I then added depth into the outer corner & lash line with fervent. To add a pop of colour I used manipulative on the lid, I absolutely love these colours together. They scream autumn to me!! I then used optimistic in my inner corners & brow bone to highlight these areas & make my eyes look even brighter.

I made sure I blended each colour well before applying the next! Keep adding colour until your happy & get to the intensity you desire.

For the bottom lashes I mixed agile & fervent to smoke out the bottom lashes & balance the eyes a bit more.

Of course I then added a couple of coats of my favourite mascara, read my review here. To finish off this look I applied my matte liquid lipstick in the shade sublime! This is the perfect nude for my super pale complexion; I love it. Most nudes make me look super washed out!!

I hope you enjoyed this look. What are your favourite looks in autumn/fall?❤

Get the look here

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Date night makeup!!♡

Hi beauties ♡

Even before we had Rylie we, me & matt my fiance, found it hard to find time just for us. So now baby is here we are trying to make an effort every couple of months at least to have us time! Last week we went on our first date night since little man was born. So of course, I made an effort!🙂 I’m obsessed with how my makeup turned out so thought I would share it with you all 😘

If you follow my instagram you’ll have already had a sneak peek, follow me here! (I follow back)💜

For this look I just did my normal go to base, if you’d like me to do a post on my go to base routine comment below 🙂

I wanted to look like I’d made an effort but not spent ages, I love a smokey look so decided on this look, which I’m obsessed with!!

To start I used my Hoola bronzer in the crease of my eyes as a bit of warmth & definition. I then went in with a light & dark brown on the very outer corner of my eyes! Start by using the lighter brown to make it easier to blend the dark shade on top. Smoke out where you will be putting liner. Then once your happy go in with the darker brown to intensify the smokiness even more & to add dimension to the look. Don’t worry if it looks messy it comes together in the end.

I then used a black shadow along the lash line & roughly softened this for a smokey effect. Build up the shadows to your desired intensity of smoke, I left it quite soft & added winged liner to finish off the look! The winged liner really pulls the look together.

Since we are in autumn I decided that I was going to crack out my fave autumnal/winter lip! My matte liquid lipstick in the shade sensual!

This shade is my ALL TIME FAVE, I love it & really loved how it complimented this makeup look! Since the lip is dark I did use a liner first, applied the lippy & then blotted the excess off for a long lasting finish!!

Let me know if you like these shorter posts? Or do you prefer a more in depth tutorial style post?🙂

Love hearing your feedback!❤

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Mummy makeup ♡

Hi lovelies,

A lot of people ask me how I get time to do makeup… well the answer is I don’t really, I just choose things I know are easy & quick to apply & of course keep it minimal!

When I do want to do a different eye look or film it it takes me hours, or even a full day depending on how Rylie is, some days he just won’t let me put him down! But when you have a baby you do take that in to consideration, when I know I have to be ready for a certain time I make sure I leave plenty of time to get things done or get up that bit earlier to get myself ready before anyone else is up!

Most days when I do decide to wear makeup it is very simple & easy, us mum’s need something speedy & that’s just exactly what this mummy makeup is all about!!🙂 YAAAAY!!🙌

Before we begin with makeup, it’s always essential that you look after your skin. I’ve found that a simple but consistent skincare routine is best.

For my skincare I like to use a cream cleanser/wash as my skin is quite dry since having my little man. I find cream cleansers don’t leave my skin feeling tight & dry, I do still use a scrub once a week (still loving my Lush dark angels scrub) to get rid of any dead skin cells & prevent dry patches.

I then either spray or use a cotton pad to wipe over my face with the Lush Tea Tree Water, this is a good all rounder as I also loved this when my skin was oily. It helps to prevent breakouts as tea tree is naturally antiseptic & antibacterial. While also toning your skin, closing up your pores after cleansing to further help to prevent breakouts. I don’t feel this step is as necessary now my skin is drier but I love how it makes my skin feel.

Lastly I moisturise, it may seem excessive but I use 3. One is the simple daily moisturiser, I use this morning on its own as it acts as a lovely light base to makeup. On a night I mix it with the Superdrug Vitamin E Serum to add that bit of extra moisture in to the skin! I really do notice a difference when using this & have recommended it to so many people who now love it too.

Both morning & evening I have recently started to use this Monu Skin Eye Cool Gel. Why haven’t I used an eye gel or cream before? It seriously hydrates & as the name suggests cools the eyes for a less puffy appearance. Not only that but it also helps my makeup to sit better on my under eyes, even after one use I noticed less creasing under my eyes when applying concealer!


My favourite part!!🙂 Now I’m a mummy I’m always looking for ways I can make myself look & feel better but FAST!! I think I’ve found it.. combined with my simple skincare routine I love using these few products.

To conceal my under eye darkness I used a small amount of concealer, one shade lighter than my skin tone to highlight the area. I tapped this in with my finger; doing this helps blend the concealer seamlessly in to the skin using the warmth of your finger.

To set the concealer in place I used a small amount of translucent powder, this will make sure the concealer stays in place!🙂

Because my skin is clear I didn’t need to conceal other areas but if you do go ahead & conceal any blemishes. I did use the powder on my forehead to mattify it though so I didn’t look greasy!

To add extra glow & radiance to my skin I used a blush & highlight. I applied the blush to the apples of my cheeks & swept it back for a natural effect. To add that extra glow i swept my highlighter on top of my cheek bones, brow bone, above my brows, tip of nose & inner corners of my eyes 😍

⭐When I glow on the outside, I glow on the inside⭐

To neat up my brows I used my fave brow pencil, I concentrated the colour towards the end/tail of the brow to create definition to the arch! I then use the spoolie brush on the end to comb through my brows to make sure the product is blended in well, this gives a more natural appearance!!

Of course, no look can be without mascara!! Literally my fave product, it opens my eyes & makes me look more alive 👀

For my lips I just used a lip balm… this one was a clear one but I do sometimes go for a tinted one for a little pop of colour on my lips 💋

Have you got any tips for fast makeup?

What are your holy grail products?

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Makeup of the day


Hey lovelies 😘

Ahhhhh, I’m super excited to be back! Just trying to get my shizz together; growing a human is hard!! *laughs*

Today I actually wore makeup, so thought I’d show you my go to look at the minute 🙂

Each time I go to put on makeup I gravitate towards these products, well the face products at least 🙂 eye products vary depending on my mood & what look I’m going for that day 🙂

Today I just wanted a quick look that I could throw on before the school run! So here it is… let’s get started…

Ever since becoming pregnant I haven’t really wore a lot of makeup, my skin has changed so much! BYE BYE Mrs oily, hello dry desert face 😂😂 I’m thinking an updated skincare routine is in order so definitely let me know if you’d like to see that 🙂

Anyway, for my face I’ve been keeping it simple! As this NYX Mineral Stick Foundation is pretty moisturizing I have been loving it, paired with my trusty collection lasting perfection concealer & you can’t go wrong! 😍 Using the stick foundation all over & the collection concealer under my eyes I then blend both in using my FOREVER TRUSTED Real Techniques buffing brush!!😃

As my face has been dry I haven’t been bothering to use powder; if I do set it I’ve been loving using a setting spray!!


I wish I had some ground breaking look to share with you, but sadly it’s an easy peasy one today!! Be to be honest, I sometimes prefer these sort of looks, how about you?🙂

Today I used just 2 shadows!! Whaaaat!? Yes, only 2!! & I love how it turned out😍

I used the shade optimistic all over my lid, love this as a base, such a nice consistency & balance of shimmer! 😍 On the crease & outer edge I used the shade agile.. these mauve/burgundy shades are my fave for making my green eyes POP!!😃

No eye look is complete without mascara & brows so I just popped on a small amount of mascara & defined my brows with my fave brow gel🙂

What mascara have you ladies been loving??🙂love trying new ones!!

These next products are probably my ALL TIME FAVE!! ❤ each time I have done my makeup these last few months I’ve reached for these… absolutely loveeeee how they make my skin look!! 😍 what are they you ask?….

Soap & Glory love at first blush, this just gives you the most natural, radiant looking blush/sunkissed glow😍 I then top it off with my FAVE highlighter, Younique a la mode highlight in iridescent 😃

Here’s how they look on my skin…

How beautiful do they look? Love how naturally glowy they make me ☺😍

For my lips I just threw on my maybelline baby lips, think it’s the cherry one so it’s slightly tinted!!☺ I’m living for anything nourishing & hydrating at the minute 🙂

Makeup of the day

Monday MOTD: How I contour & highlight!❤

Hi Beauties 🌞

I’ve been writing my blog for a little over a year and I’m yet to do a my contour and highlighting routine. So today I’ve got that for you.. I can’t believe I haven’t done one until now!!

Anyway, let’s get right into it…


As always I start with a clean, well moisturised base. I then went in with my Revlon Colorstay Foundation (shade buff) as I wanted a more full coverage. I blended this in using my Real Technique Miracle Complexion Sponge.
To highlight my under eye area I used my L’Oréal Lumi Magique Highlighting Concealer (review to come!!).


If you are new to contour & aren’t really sure where it goes, suck in your cheeks to make a ‘fish’ face (as you can see marked by my brush here!!).


I applied Benefit Hoola with my Real Techniques Cheek Brush, make sure you blend it well so it isn’t just a harsh line. I also apply it to the temples and forehead to warm up the rest of my face!


I don’t have a ‘fat’ face as such, I just like to contour my jaw line to add extra definition and warmth!


My favourite part to my face makeup is definitely highlight, it adds so much definition and life into the face.
Once again, when you suck in your cheeks your cheek bone should stick out, this is where the highlight is placed!


I absolutely adore this highlighter, can you not see the glow? I used Makeup Academy’s Highlight in English Rose! My favourite way to apply this is with my Real Techniques Blush Brush. It distributes the perfect amount to the cheek! 🙂


Here’s what my contour and highlight looks like finished. PLUS this purple smokey eye is coming up for next weeks MOTD :)❤

Do you contour & highlight? What are your favorite products?

Lots of Love Natasha

– ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ – ♥ –

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