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Maybelline Lash Sensational Review!

Hi beauties,

Another review, yes another haha! After having my blogging break I seem to have accumulated new products! Yaaay🙂

I’ve always loved Maybelline mascaras but not tried this, even though my twin swears by it!

It’s safe to say I should’ve tried it sooner!! 😮

The packaging is just the basic Maybelline shape, but the colour, how gorgeous is that rose gold packaging?😍 I’m in love!!

What Maybelline claim…

Result: A Layered, Multiplied Effect. Low wax formula for intense blackness without sticking lashes together

Tested on real women*:

90% Reveals layers & layers of lashes

90% Gives a multiplied lash look

90% Volumises every layer of lashes

90% Layer-reveal brush captures even the tiniest of lashes

Do I agree with these claims?

Plain & simply, I do! ☺

I absolutely LOVE this mascara. The formula is perfect, not too wet but not dry! I can be picky, I hate really wet mascaras but also hate drier formula mascaras!! *laughs* I didn’t notice any smudging on myself either.. not even on the lower lash line!! WOW😃

The spoon like wand also cups round your lashes perfectly, grabbing hold of all lashes even those small ones we didn’t notice 😃

As you can see from the image above it really does lengthen & seperate lashes as well as giving fab volume!😍


This mascara doesn’t smudge & smear so no messy marks on your glasses! WOOP!!

Have you tried this mascara? What did you think? ☺

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Tropic Smoothing Cleanser Review!♡

Hey lovelies,

If your like me, your probably wondering what this product is all about! I was recommended this by a friend & haven’t looked back since!

This baby is definitely THE BEST cleanser I have used, I love the fact it is natural & so gentle on the skin!☺

Product claims

With a luxurious blend of uplifting eucalyptus, golden jojoba and avocado oils, this refreshing cream cleanser effortlessly melts away makeup and impurities to leave your skin feeling unbelievably soft and clean.

Comes with a free, naturally antibacterial face cloth, made from 100% organic, sustainable bamboo fibres.

Retail price £16 ♡ Every cleanser comes with a bamboo cloth!

Does it live up to the claims?

Plain & simply, yes it does!! This cleanser is absolutely beautiful, it makes my skin feel baby soft without having to use an exfoliator so often!

My pores always feel super clean & hydrated, I’m not left with that tight, uncomfortable feeling of a product that has sucked the life out of your skin!! THIS IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE!! It leaves my skin so nourished & hydrated, I use it morning & night as it is so gentle☺

PLUS… it has a pump.. it makes it super easy to use the cleanser & control the amount of product you use☺ YAAAY!♡

This cleanser can definitely be used to help melt away makeup or just on bare skin.. since being pregnant this cleanser has been my saviour as my skin has been SUPER dry!! However, I also used this before pregnancy when my skin was more oily & it worked just as well☺

Overall, I cannot praise this cleanser enough! I don’t think I’ll be changing up my cleanser for a long long time!! If you haven’t found that dream cleanser yet.. you need to try this! Definitely worth the money♡

Here is where I buy mine ♡

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Foundation First impression!♡

Hi lovelies ☺

Eeek, I’m so excited to share this first impressions review with you!! It is a strange but interesting one, something I got on a whim after seeing a YouTuber review it☺

The product I’m talking about is the ’16 Brand Foundation’. Your probably thinking, ugh never heard of it!! 😂 You probably won’t have, I hadn’t until I saw this review.. but as soon as I saw it in action I was hooked & just had to try it for myself ☺😍

How cute is the packaging though? I mean if your a sucker for pretty things; like me, you’ll be sure to love this!!😃

Although it is quite cute the jam jar appearance is slightly messy as it had a clear seal on the inside which is covered in foundation, once you get passed this though you can use the super cute spatula to spoon a small amount into the lid!!☺ when I mean small, I mean small….

Here’s how it looks when it has been applied using my Real Techniques Sponge..

And here’s how it looks using my Real Techinques buffing brush…

Out of both methods I’ve got to say it applied a lot better using the sponge due to the thick consistency & VERY high coverage☺ As you can tell by the pictures the results with the sponge are far better than that of the brush, which for me was a surprise!😮

This stuff is amazing.. although it was very high in coverage it was very lightweight feeling on the skin & did not break me out! 😃 HOORAAAAAAY!!!

Not only was this gorgeous alone, my collection concealer blended like a dream on top of it!😍 plus, I did not feel the need to set it as it set down on its own after a short while 🙂(my skin has been dry lately, if yours is oily you may want to consider powder!)

Here’s how the foundation looks with all my makeup on…


I adore how well it covers my blemishes & redness while still looking and feeling light on the skin☺

It even wore well… after 6 hours it looked basically the same as when it was applied!👏

The only down sides to this foundation is that there aren’t many shade choices, plus I bought mine on Amazon & it’s now not listed on there so I’m not sure where else it is stocked!!😮

Overall, I really enjoy this product & will probably reach for it again when I want a more full coverage look🙂

What do you guys think? Have you heard much about this brand!?🙂

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I’m baaaack!! Life update!

Hey everyone… I hadn’t realised it had been so so long 😭 a lot has happened in that time & I’m now going to be a ❤MUMMY❤

As if my last post was March 2016 😮 nearly two years ago!! Whaaaat!!!

During my time away I started my own Younique business, which I LOVED!! It became such a passion as I’d lost the love of blogging *cry face!* this seemed to help fill that space and give me something to focus on, which I loved.

Recently though, a certain little someone; baby Fellows, due May 2018, has taken over my life & come to the forefront of my life! Which I’m definitely loving, as someone that has always wanted kids, I couldn’t be happier. 😃 Although it hasn’t been easy, which I will be doing a seperate post about!

Younique has taken a back seat; I still adore the makeup, just fell out of love with the business side as I also work full time as a carer (not so much now due to baby) but perusing my full time job & Younique business as well as pregnancy was waaaay too hard & so tiring on myself I needed to put me & baby first!☺

Aside from my jobs I also have a busy family life, no rest for me, haha! 🙂 Of course that’s only going to get busier😍

Now that I’m back I’m planning on doing at least 1 blog post a week, possibly 2🙂 I’ll be posting different things, mainly life posts & makeup of course.. can’t forget the makeup!!😃

Thank you all for your continued support & I look forward to getting to know even more of you ☺❤

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Get the look: Big lashes!!❤

Hi beauties xo

I hope you’ve all had a good week so far👍 YAY it’s nearly the weekend 😊❤

Anyway. I was playing around with makeup the other day & came up with this lovely look!!!


Here’s how I achieved this look…

♡ L’Oréal True Match Foundation to even my skin
♡ Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer to conceal any imperfections
♡ Rimmel Stay Matte Powder to set everything in place
♡ Younique Beachfront Bronzer in sunset LOVE THIS BRONZER it’s so natural looking!!


♡ Younique Splurge Cream Shadow in Tenacious all over the lid
♡ Addiction Palette 2 – used honourable in the crease just to define the crease
♡ Benefit They’re Real Mascara – thin coat as a base
♡ Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara – built up to my desired length & volume
**Check out my review for more info**

♡ L’Oréal Eyebrow Plumper Gel just brushed through my brows for a natural look


♡ Younique Lucrative Lipgloss in Lovesick – LOOOOOVE THIS GLOSS. FINALLY A GLOSS THAT ISN’T STICKY 🙌🙌🙌

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Get The Look post ☺ If you’d like to know anymore about any of the products just comment below ♥

All Younique products used for this look are on my website.. link below 🙂 xoxo

Lots of Love Natasha

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Hi beauties xo

Just a quick post to let all you lovely lot know I’m running a RAFFLE over on my Facebook page.. click here!!

What am I raffling?

I am going to give one of you lovelies a chance of winning these FOUR PRODUCTS.




How does the raffle work?

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Lots of Love Natasha

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