First Impression Friday

First Impression Friday (on saturday!) ❤

Hi beauties 🌞

I was meant to get this up yesterday but was soooo busy.. so here it is today, my First Impressions on the Soap & Glory No Clogs Allowed!:)

What Soap & Glory claim

• 1-MINUTE HOT PORECLEAR™ TECHNOLOGY – a fast-acting, smoothing and polishing blend of micropumice, salicylic acid and hot clay, which activates with water contact
• GLYCERIN – to help skin feel soft and supple
• unique COLOUR-CHANGING TECHNOLOGY – (blue indicates when it’s activated)
• PLUS surface-polishing micro beads
• use weekly on areas susceptible to blackhead build-up
• strategically formulated for oily/combination skin


What I thought

In Boots it retails for £11.50 and for that price you can’t really say no to trying it.
I first heard about this product from The Makeup Chair on YouTube (definitely check out her channel!!). I always go by her recommendations as she always trials products thoroughly before! 🙂

Although this is only a first impression I really loved the results. My skin felt lovely & soft. Also, I have some blackheads on my nose, they seemed to be reduced.

When you first apply this its a creamy coloured product, with a cream like texture and micro beads for exfoliation. Once you start rubbing it into the face it turns a blue colour. This means the hot poreclear technology has been activated. To be honest you can tell it’s working as your face feels warmer. It does feel strange for a minute or so.


You leave it on for about 3 minutes, it makes your face a bit stiff but is tacky to tough. After the time was up I just washed it off using a muslin cloth & patted my face dry with a towel.

Overall I really loved this product after just one use, I’ll definitely keep you updated on how I get on with it.

Have you tried this product? 🙂

Lots of Love Natasha

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Weird but wonderful!♥

Hi Beauties ☼

Recently I have struggled with my skin, in particular my legs, they have been so dry & when I try to shave they’re so itchy!! BUT. I have finally found a solution.. what is this saviour I hear you ask? Mens shaving cream. Yes, I know it’s for shaving anyway, but most people don’t usually think to use mens shaving cream (as there are brands that make it for women!). I thought well its great for the face so I’ll try it on my legs & it worked.


I received this Dove Men + Care Sample with an order I made, but my boyfriend doesn’t clean shave so I stole it 😉 it turns out, its been well loved! At first I didn’t think it was going to do the job, as it is quite heavily scented with quite a musky ‘male’ smell, my skin doesn’t usually agree with highly scented products.


It is pretty self explanatory in how you use it, it is a cream product you can use wet or dry, but I find it best wet as it creates a lather on the legs which leaves very very soft & smooth legs! YAAAAY!! 😀 I’ve also tried this on my underarms & other areas, it does wonders, it leaves the skin so silky smooth & soft, I just can’t get enough 🙂

After trying this male shaving cream I’m in the market for a good ladies shaving cream, let me which ones you guys like so I can try more! 🙂

Lots of Love Natasha

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Review: MAC Prep & Prime!♥

Hi beauties. ☼

Last month I received a sample of MAC’s Prep & Prime – I applied for it through MAC’s Facebook page; they must have had some sort of promotion for it as they were giving quite a lot of people the chance to apply for the sample. Anyway, I was soooo excited when it arrived in the post. Inside a shiny black parcel envelope was my MAC sample, it came in a cardboard box like casing (pic below) & obviously had MAC’s embellishing on it.


I thought it looked so cute, the packaging is so sleek & small as this is a 6ml sample! Which to be honest, is a decent sized sample 🙂

What MAC claim:

An ultra-fluid lotion formulated with special-effect silicones. Calms and soothes the skin, blots away excess oil, and evens out skin redness. Improves the lay-down and application of foundation or powder.

Do I agree with these claims?

Yes, I’d say I do agree with these claims. When you apply Prep & Prime you can feel that silicone feel to it, however, when you squirt out some of the product it looks more like a cream. This is what I think ‘calms and soothes the skin’, which I’d agree it does as I have felt no irritation on my skin what-so-ever since using it 🙂

The fact that this is a cream-y silicone formula does ensure your makeup glides on effortlessy, while smoothing over pores & any imperfections.

Does it keep oil at bay? Yes I’d definitely say it does. I get quite oily in the t-zone & when I’m wearing this my makeup stays perfect pretty much all day (or longer than it would without primer!)


Here you can see that the formula of this product looks like a cream, however, the texture once you rub it on your skin is that of a silicone based primer (which it is!). The below image shows how smooth & soft it makes your skin look. Yes I did apply way too much on my hand, but I wanted it to be visible in pictures.

wpid-20140802_202737.jpgAs you can see it looks so soft on the skin. I used a bit too much on my hand as you only need a pea sized amount for your whole face.

Although I think Prep & Prime is a great product, I couldn’t ever justify spending £21 on the full size (30ml) as my GOSH Primer is soooo good. It practically does the same as this for a fraction of the price (click here for my GOSH Primer Review). Despite the fact I wouldn’t buy it, I would definitely recommend it if you can afford it. It is a fabulous primer & I will definitely continue to enjoy my sample!!

Overall I give MAC’s Prep & Prime a 4.5/5, I absolutely love the product, I just wish I could warrant spending the money on it. I highly recommend you give it a go if you’re wanting to try a high-end primer 🙂

Have you tried MAC’s Prep & Prime? If so, what did you think of it?

Thank you beauties for reading, have a fabulous day xo

Lots of Love Natasha ❤