30 Days Of Makeup Nov 2018

30 day makeup challenge ❤

Hi lovelies,

Day 6 of this challenge is makeup storage! My storage system, well isn’t a system😅 since having little one it’s just in makeup bags really! But I do have a few things that I use that I do love!

These acrylic dividers are really cool. Not sure where it’s from as my sister got me it a couple years ago 🙂 but I’m sure Amazon or somewhere like that will stock them🙂

These cute pots are so pretty for makeup brushes too. These are from ikea but I’ve seen similar ones in supermarkets here in the UK!

Please share your makeup storage. I need ideas 🙂 TIA😘

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Blogtober: the Blogger tag♡

Hi lovelies,

Was meant to get this post up yesterday but didn’t feel good!! Hope you’ve all been well?🙂

Do you have any pets, if so what are they & what are they called?

I have a black Labrador called Holly!
She’s my first baby. She’ll be 6 next month!

Best of friends!!

What is your favourite social media for blogging?

I think Twitter is probably best for connecting with other bloggers or Facebook groups! Let me know any blogging groups your part of, love getting to know you lovelies!🙂

How tall are you?

5 foot 9!

Do you have a hidden talent, if so what?

I’m secretly wonder woman. Lol. Don’t we all wish that was true. I find that people always confide in me, suppose that’s sort of a talent right? Something I’m good at, listening.

What is your biggest blog-related pet peeve?

When people unfollow you when you follow back. I do this because I love it, love sharing my story & getting to know people. It’s not all about numbers!

What is your biggest non-blog related pet peeve?

Eating with your mouth open! C’mon, I don’t want to see what you’re eating!!😅

What is your favourite way to spend your free time when you are alone?

Alone with the baby, never get actual alone time any more. Been loving watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S again & love watching makeup videos on YT!

What is your favourite junk food?

At the moment, chocolate!! Mmmm.

If you could only drink one beverage (besides water) for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Fresh orange juice, love it, it’s so refreshing & tasty

Whats your favourite movie?

The new wonder woman film. She’s so beautiful, yet strong. How we as women should all look at ourselves.

What were your favourite lessons in school?

IT (information technology), it was super easy. Haha.

What blogger do you secretly want to be best friends with?

Hmm, there’s so many. Love so many different blogs. Everyone?😄😍

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Taylor Swift has always been such an inspiration to me, loved her for years. She seems so down to earth. Also, Sinead of The makeup chair on YT; she’s gorgeous & so talented. Been a fan for a while, learnt so much from her.

What is one of your favourite highstreet shops?

Primark. Definitely, can get so much for so little. Love it.

Are you in education or work?

Work. Have my own makeup business & hoping to further my skills by doing a mua course! It would mean a lot if you’d come show me some love & like my Facebook page & join my makeup group 🙂

What are your favourite fiction and non-fiction books?

To be honest. I haven’t read in ages. Just don’t find time! I used to love reading though need to get back in to it. Suggest me some fab books please🙂

Where is one place you would like to visit?

Always wanted to go to Italy, it looks so beautiful & romantic. Plus I love pasta!!

Where do you like to write your blog posts?
Generally sat on the sofa, usually while I’m breast feeding Rylie🙂

Comment below if you have done this tag. I’d love to read it😘

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Makeup of the day

Autumnal obsession ❤

Hi lovelies,

I was feeling the autumn/fall vibes!! 😍 Autumn is probably my favourite season when it comes to makeup, I love the berry & orangey tones especially on my green eyes! ❤

For this look I used my custom shadow palette in the shades Agile, Fervent, Manipulative & Optimistic.

I put agile in the crease & outer corner. I then added depth into the outer corner & lash line with fervent. To add a pop of colour I used manipulative on the lid, I absolutely love these colours together. They scream autumn to me!! I then used optimistic in my inner corners & brow bone to highlight these areas & make my eyes look even brighter.

I made sure I blended each colour well before applying the next! Keep adding colour until your happy & get to the intensity you desire.

For the bottom lashes I mixed agile & fervent to smoke out the bottom lashes & balance the eyes a bit more.

Of course I then added a couple of coats of my favourite mascara, read my review here. To finish off this look I applied my matte liquid lipstick in the shade sublime! This is the perfect nude for my super pale complexion; I love it. Most nudes make me look super washed out!!

I hope you enjoyed this look. What are your favourite looks in autumn/fall?❤

Get the look here

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Laritzy Shade Stix Review

Hi you beautiful lot,

Yay!! I have a makeup related post.. Will be more to come as well as I have subscribed to Glossybox again & loving the products they’re sending so expect a lot of reviews & first impressions!🙂

I’ll definitely do a post when I get my next box to show you all what I got! A lot of my products this month was skincare so I like to try it for a little while before giving my opinions so it is fair!🙂

I’m so excited to write this post cos I’ve absolutely fallen in love with this product! I’d never heard of this brand before, that’s the beauty of Glossybox though you discover products you wouldn’t normally hear about!

Use my code for 20% off your first order;


Laritzy is a pretty new company only founded in 2016.. their ethos is amazing…


Here’s how Laritzy describes their shade stix…

Introducing our new cream Shade Stix that will give you that perfect, subtle sun-kissed glow. The formula is highly pigmented, buildable, and weightless to make it easy to accomplish that perfectly blended look that will stay all day.

What do I think of the shade stix!?

I absolutely ADORE the shade stix, it is such a perfect colour, yes even for me & my pale skin! HOORAY!!

At first I was terrified, I’d never used a stick contour before, I applied it to my face & instantly thought ‘sh*t that’s way too pigmented & far too dark!’. As I started to blend it in to my skin it just looked so seamless & effortless, the colour looks so natural like you have caught the sun & have a natural tan.. which if your like me (don’t tan at all) you could definitely do with this!

The formula is super creamy too but doesn’t feel oily on the skin at all, it just glides on so easily & doesn’t dry down super fast so you have time to blend it out! As a new mum I need products that make my makeup application super quick, that last all day. This has definitely done this!

As you can see from the above picture the product is a decent size & you do get 9 grams of product which is fab, you literally use the tiniest amount each time so this is going to last me a good while!

The only down side is that as far as I’m aware there’s only one shade, aloha, as you can see it works for my pale skin & would definitely work for a lot of people but unfortunately would probably not be dark enough for deep skin tones! Hopefully they’re working on more shades as this seems like it’s a very new release, it is currently out of stock!

How I applied the shade stix

Since its summer I’ve been loving a light base so I just used my bareminerals complexion rescue & collection concealer! I then went in with the shade stix in the areas I wanted to contour! Literally just stripe it on to the face, I then went in with my Real Techinques Contour Brush, this brush is perfect for the job as it is nice & fluffy but precise so you keep the contour in the areas you want it!

BLEND BLEND BLEND!! Always key in makeup, make sure all edges are soft; I go in with my Real Techinques Sponge to soften the lines even more, make sure it is fully blended & pressed in to the skin!

❤COMMENT BELOW if you’d like to see a full in depth post on how to contour for your face shape!❤

How gorgeous & sunkissed does this look, I used the back camera to capture the full effect as the front camera (used for the above image) makes things seem lighter!

To finish off my face I went over the entire face with my powder foundation, this adds slightly more coverage & makes the contour look super seamless. You could just go in with a transparent powder if you use a higher coverage foundation underneath & just mattify/set areas that need it most!🙂

Is it worth the money!?

This retails for $24 which is about £18, to me this product really is worth that price! I have paid far more for products that haven’t preformed half as good as this!! It does what it says on the tin & stays all day! 😍 Totally recommend!

Laritzy Shade Stix also used for this look…

A big round of applause to Laritzy, you have made the perfect contour stick!! Unfortunately it is actually sold out at the minute😕 but I’ll include the link below in case it becomes available!🙂

Laritzy Shade stix in aloha buy here (currently out of stock!)

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First Impression Friday

First Impression Friday: Ardell Demi Wispies ❤

Hi beauties. 🌞

After hearing so many good things about these Ardell ‘Demi Wispie’ lashes I purchased a pair. That was about a year ago. They’ve been sat in my makeup draw waiting to be used, & finally I decided it was time.



I started off by applying some of the lash glue, already provided, to the band of the lashes (pictured below!!!).

I waited a few minutes for the glue to go tacky, then using my tweezers (they’re easier and smaller than using fingers!) I maneuvered the lashes so they sat on my lash line. Trying to get them as close to the lashes as I could without sticking the falsies to my real lashes.


Once you’ve got the hang of it, its not too hard, but I’m not kidding you,  I probably spent about 20 minutes fiddling with the first pair trying to find the best and easiest way to get them on.


However, once you get the first of the lashes on you can see an instant & dramatic difference. For someone who has quite long lashes naturally I wasn’t expecting too much. I would definitely repurchase!!
But as you can see from the picture above they really do make a difference!!


I really do see why everyone loves these lashes so much. They are just like real lashes, in how they feel and look. They are so high quality, I can see them lasting a good few wears! 🙂

It’s safe to say I won’t leave my lashes at the bottom of my makeup draw anymore!!

Have you tried these or any other false lashes? What did you think? ❤

Lots of Love Natasha

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Quick Posts


Hi beauties 🌞

Just a little post to update you all. I’m currently about to write some posts to go up for the next week or so, sorry for my inconsistent content. I’m just so busy with work :/

I’d love to know what posts you’d like to see 🙂
Makeup of the days? tags? Favourite posts?
Comment below what your fave posts are & I’ll make sure I do them ❤

Also, I’ve found my new love!! MUA ‘English Rose’ Mosaic Highlighter, yes I’ve included this in my blog before. But have recently been using it A LOT.
Expect a review soon 🙂


Doesn’t it just look stunning?


Lots of Love Natasha

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LUSH: Golden Egg Bath Bomb ♥

Hi Beauties ☼

Thanks to my beautiful twin (beautifulbreakable), again, I recently tried the Lush Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt. It is slightly different to a normal bath bomb in that it’s very moisturising as it is made up of cocoa butter and olive oil, while being dusted in gold glitter.


What Lush say about it…

This spectacular invention has combined a Bath Bomb and a Luxury Bath Melt to create (drumroll please…) the Bath Bomb Melt! Its creamy, moisturizing cocoa butter exterior encases a fizzy Bath Bomb center, and the whole egg is dusted in a delicate golden luster.

Here you can see it fizzing away…

I totally agree that this is a luxury bath bomb melt as it made my skin feel so amazing & soft. For the small price of £3.75 (I think, not sure as I didn’t buy it!!) I really believe it is worth it. The cocoa butter & olive oil leave the skin super soft while the scent leaves you relaxed & calm.


Here you can see how creamy & bubbly it is. It makes the water & your skin feel silky soft.

This bath bomb melt is a toffee/honey scent. If you’ve ever smelt the Honey I Washed The Kids soap you’ll know exactly how luscious it smells!

Overall, this is probably my favourite product I’ve tried. It is so luxurious, makes you smell lovely & even look lovely, as you gain a subtle shimmer to your skin! I don’t know whether you can still buy this in Lush, but if you get the chance to, then I suggest you pick it up!


Have you tried this golden egg bath bomb melt? If so, did you like it? 🙂

Lots of Love Natasha

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