Rediscovering my old favourites❤

Hi lovelies,

I had the idea for this post the other day when I found myself reaching for my old favourite products. I used to use these products ALL THE TIME back in secondary (high) school. **I have repurchased since, don’t worry!I’m not using gone off makeup**

I challenge you to do this & tag me in the post. I love seeing what products people are or have been loving

Here I am in all my tired mummy glory! Let’s see what magic these products can do…

I decided I wouldn’t prime, not a fixed part of my routine, sometimes I feel primer makes my makeup look worse. Anyone else feel the same?

I started off by applying Revlon Colourstay Foundation the shade buff all over my skin using the Real Techniques Buffing Brush – this is also an old fave, I’ve legit had the brush since I was in high school! they last so well. I absolutely loved how this covered, I actually have the oily/combination version, my skin until having my son was always really oily but now it’s more combination verging on dry. However, this foundation still performs amazing as they do have a dry skin formulation of this foundation. For high street foundation its amazing that they have such a great selection depending on your skin type and colour!

For concealer I used the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Extra Fair. This concealer does the job. It hides and imperfections!! I adore this. It’s also amazing for touch ups throughout the day even on top of powder.

To set it all in place I used a very beaten up looking Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent to set the base. I always forget how much I love this powder!

Look at that coverage 😍 I love it. So simple yet beautiful! This is definitely more full coverage than I go on a normal day, but I love this when I’m going out anywhere. Especially when I know it’ll last.

THROWBACK much. Who else used to absolutely swear by the Sleek highlight palette? I know I did. Now I’m definitely obsessed again, LOOK AT THAT GLOW. So so pretty. I love that the coloured ones are just subtle & gives dimension to the cheek bones, not an obvious coloured highlight.

I usually use a mixture of all the powder highlights, look how stunning that looks. You can use it so it’s subtle or build it up to be a blinding highlight like I did 🙂

Hoola Bronzer by Benefit is a firm favourite, since using this year’s and years ago I haven’t stopped using it. I love Hoola for contouring as it’s the perfect colour for my pale skin, so pretty.

I did do it a bit more harsh than usual so it would be more obvious, it blends so easy & gives me a healthier more defined look.

Comment your old favourites or products you’ve used for a long time! I love trying new products ❤

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Disney Series: Belle!♥

Hi beauties. ☼

So when I asked which Disney Princess you’d like to see, Ariel & Belle won. As I did an Ariel inspired look last time, it’s time for Belles inspired look 🙂

If you’d like to know how to create this Belle inspired look then keep reading…



As always I started off with a freshly cleansed face. To prime my skin I used MACs Prep & Prime (review will be up soon!!). I then went on to apply my Revlon Colourstay Foundation with the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. To conceal my under eye circles I used a small amount of Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, I tapped this into the skin using my ring finger. This is the most delicate finger & the warmth from your finger helps the product melt into the skin better 🙂


eyesFor the eyes I wanted to keep the look simple so I decided to just use this quad from Avon, it’s the True Colour Mocha Latte Quad! I used the light pink shade all over the lid, I then took the light brown shade in the crease as a transition shade. To deepen the outer corners I sketched in a  winged sort of look to the outer corner & blended inwards but not past the half way point on my lid. To make this look even smokier, I used the metallic brown shade in between the pink & dark brown colours, this is so the colours transition nicely from light to dark. As this is how you achieve a great smokey eye!!

To emphasise the lashline I used my Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl in Black along the upper & lower lashline & the tightline. I drew a very thin line on the top & smudged it out slightly to add to the smokey effect! I then did the same to the lower lashline & carried the liner up towards the brow to create a cat-eye effect to the look. To open the eyes I applied my Rimmel Kohl in White to the lower waterline.

This wouldn’t be a flirtatious Belle look without fluttery lashes, so to top the eye makeup off I used Benefits They’re Real Mascara!

Brows, cheeks & lips


To start off with I combed through my brows with the Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara (medium deep), this gives quite a bit of definition so you could stop here. But to ensure my brows where nice & precise I went in with my brown brow pencil to fill in any sparse areas!


For the cheeks I kept it very simple, Belle always looks blushed in the films but not overly pink. So I went with a peach blush, the one I used was Natural Collection Blush in Peach Melba 🙂 I placed this on the apples of my cheeks (to find where this is, smile & it’s the high bit you get under your eyes!) & swept the colour back. I find this application method to be the most flattering.


To Complete the look I opted for a simple lip. I just decided to line my lips with my ELF Long Wear Lip Liner in Mauve Luxe!



To make this look more polished I put my hair into a bun. I then added in a small rose hair grip into the back of my hair as this look wouldn’t be complete without a rose! I also pulled out some short strands of hair around my face to frame my face a bit!


Here is the completed look. I hope you all enjoyed my Belle inspired makeup look! This is such a wearable look, either day or night, I think it’s timeless (very fitting for the Disney story!). Let me know what you think 🙂

Thank you for reading beauties, have a fabulous day! ☼

Lots of Love Natasha ❤

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Summer Scents: Perfume Collection!♥

Hi beauties. ☼

It occurred to me that all my perfumes are quite summer-y, so I thought it was only right to do a perfume collection to show you what perfumes I’m loving! I have 4 perfumes I’m going to share with you & 1 sample I received last month which I want to share with you! Anyway, I’ll stop rambling; on with the post…wpid-20140604_174525.jpg

1. Gwen Stefani Harajuku ‘Wicked Style’ Baby – well this has been enlightening, I didn’t have the foggiest idea that Gwen Stefani created this range of perfumes. Anywhooo, this is a beautiful perfume all the same, not only does it look beautiful, but it smells it too! It lasts quite a while on the skin, however, I have probably only worn this a few hours at a time, I usually wear it for special occasions/events.

Her scent is as sweet and gentle as she is; a vanilla floral with little touches of fruitiness. Velvety white peach and red apple all wrapped up in the delicateness of freesia and orchid. Tender and feminine with a little touch of the unexpected.

I love this perfume, it’s such a delicate & feminine scent! I received this as a gift a year or so ago & from the minute I smelt it; I fell in love! You can definitely smell the vanilla, but to me that’s the best thing about it!! I LOVE VANILLA!! The other notes in the perfume work together to compliment the perfume as a whole. This perfume will probably remain in my collection for a very long time & I’d definitely repurchase it! 🙂


2. Marc Jacobs Oh Lola! – OH WOW! That’s what comes to mind when I think of this perfume. It really does smell delicious, it is probably my favourite perfume in my collection for summer! To me it is summer in a bottle 🙂 The bottle, lets just appreciate its pure beauty, is super cute with the flower top, I mean what girl wouldn’t love this perfume?

Marc Jacobs Oh Lola begins with light and fruity Pear and effervescent Raspberry, over a dewy floral heart of Peony, Magnolia and Cyclamen and a rich seductive base of Sandalwood, Tonka Bean and Vanilla.

This definitely describes this perfume to a T, it’s such a beautiful perfume (if you haven’t smelt it you need to!!). The raspberry notes are definitely detectable, it’s like you’ve been hit by a sweet but floral pillow! This perfume also lasts quite well on the skin, if I go shopping for the day I can still smell it when I get back home! I guess it depends how much you sweat & all that hm, well loveliness (haha!!).


3. Taylor Swift Taylor – As you beauties may know, I loveeee Taylor Swift so naturally I bought her fragrances (well the first & third one, I’m yet to buy the second one, Wonderstruck Enchanted!). This is the third one in her collection, it is a very classy, grown-up fragrance compared to the other two. It is perfect for special occasions, I find it too over-powering for everyday use! Taylor by Taylor Swift stays on the skin well, I usually wear it on a night & it lasts pretty much the whole night!

Taylor by Taylor Swift is a sweet, fruity fragrance infused with soft floral and creamy cashmere musk. A youthful perfume with a woody base.
Top notes: Litchi, Tangerine, Magnolia Petals
Heart notes: Peony, Orchid, Hortensia
Base notes: Sandalwood, Apricot, Musk

The creamy cashmere musk definitely shines through with this perfume, this is why I prefer it for evening wear/special occasions! Despite this you can detect a sweet/fruity fragrance, I think without this the perfume would be waaaaay too over-powering for me! But this adds a subtlety to the perfume, which i love!wpid-20140604_174446.jpg

4. Taylor Swift Wonderstruck – *I already have a full review on this, click here to read it* – This is the first perfume Taylor released, it is my favourite out of the two I have. Mainly because it is more wearable for everyday use & come on, LOOK AT THE BOTTLE. It’s sooo pretty!! I swear I’m a magpie!!! I literally use this everyday, no matter what the occasion I wear it, I swear my friends/family must be sick of it by now!! haha. This perfume lasts pretty much all day on the skin, however, if I’m going out again in the evening I will re-apply it, but seriously guys; what perfume stays on 24 hours? none.

Wonderstruck is an awe-inspiring, magical feeling. The fragrance has notes of freesia, green tea, apple blossom, raspberry and dewberry. The result is sparkling; an enchanted fragrance.


5. Ghost Eclipse – I received the sample of this perfume in last months glossybox. OH MY, I’ve fallen head over heels!! I’m definitely going to be purchasing the full bottle when I run out, it is such a gorgeous fragrance!!

A tangling explosion of fruit notes set the senses on alert. Sweet bergamot, lemon, mandarin, apple and peach draw you into memories of crisp, care free summer days.
In contrast, the romantic heart of freesia, Lotus Flower and sensual rose create a feeling of femininity with a soft playful character.
Delicate touches of amber, peach and musk bring sophistication and sensuality to this addictive and unforgettable fragrance.

This perfume is quickly becoming one of my faves & I’ve had it less than a month!! It’s such an elegant but feminine fragrance, it makes you feel & smell like a million dollars!! 🙂

I hope you’ve liked this different post. I thought it was about time I did another fragrance post! – If you’d like to see a review on any of these perfumes let me know 🙂

Be sure to check out my Taylor Swift Wonderstruck review (one of my first few posts!), click here to read it!

Lots of Love Natasha ❤

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Project 10 Pan

Project 10 Pan!♥

After seeing GretaLinBeauty‘s post about starting her project 10 pan I thought it’d be a good idea to join her in this, she has welcomed all and tagged whoever would like to do this, so feel free to join! 🙂

Project 10 pan is quite self explanatory, the rules are;

1. I can’t purchase new products until I hit pan or use up 10 products from my makeup collection.

2. Every time I hit pan on a product, I will do an in-depth review.

3. I can only purchase a new product on one condition: I run out of that product and I have no backups.

Also, project pan means there will be lots more posts from me, as I am going to do a few products I have already hit pan on. This is very exciting for me as it means I will get to use up old products to be able to replace them with new ones, & who doesn’t like makeup shopping? 🙂

If you would like to join myself & GretaLinBeauty in this then feel free, EVERYONE’S welcome.. the more the merrier.

Good Luck Everyone! 😀

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Everyday Makeup ♡

I finally found enough courage & confidence to post my first ever makeup tutorial on YouTube!

I know it’s not the best but I don’t think it’s bad for my first video! I hope to improve as I do more videos, getting used to doing my makeup in front of a lens is going to be difficult but makeup is a passion of mine I would like to share 🙂

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I would also love it if you could leave me comments below the video on what you would like me to film in the future, thank you! ♡

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Topshop Lipstick Review

I’ve been meaning to buy some of Topshops lipsticks for a while now, after hearing such good things about them I finally splashed out £16 (£8 each) and bought two shades, ‘screen siren’ & ‘beguiled’ (swatches below). Although I only purchased these two shades there are many more to choose from, I just decided on these as I hadn’t any other lipsticks like these in my collection.

These lipsticks are quite a creamy formula, which once applied onto the lips feel moisturising, the colour pay-off also surprised me, I never expected such good quality, especially because they only retail for £8 each. Despite the creamy formula they dry to a matte/smooth texture, which i usually hate. However, unlike other matte lipsticks i have come across they aren’t drying on the lips, to be truthful it isn’t like your wearing a lipstick.

lipstick swatches

1 = Screen Siren

2 = Beguiled

Topshop claims the lipsticks to be a;

Velvet finish lipstick to smooth, moisturise and nourish lips. Apply for fabulous colour and moisturised, matte finish, wear alone or with gloss for a shiny finish.

Does the Topshop lipsticks live upto their claims? In my opinion YES they do, well the two I own certainly do. Firstly, I agree with Topshops claim that the lipsticks leave a velvet/smooth finish to the lips, although this sounds as if once the lipstick is applied it dries your lips out, this is not the case, as claimed the lipsticks are moisturising and nourishing on the lips. In all honesty once you have taken the lipstick off or it has worn off, your lips feel softer than before you applied the lipstick, this can only be a good thing, right?
Secondly, the lipsticks are VERY pigmented, after one application of these lipsticks you get the true colour pay-off onto your lips. This is brilliant as it means you don’t need to layer up the product, therefore making it last longer, which is certainly value for money, especially for the £8 you pay (which for brilliant lipsticks like these is pretty cheap these days).

These lipsticks also have a mild scent to them, ‘screen siren’ smells a bit like MAC lipsticks, with a vanilla/sweet scent to it, whereas ‘beguiled’ has more of a fruity berry scent. If you don’t like makeup which is scented don’t be alarmed, they are not heavily scented, as it is only noticable if you hold them to your nose, I haven’t noticed any scent during application or once applied.


The packaging of these Topshop lipsticks are pretty standard with a plain white tube with three horizontal black stripes on the bottom and the writing ‘Lips Topshop’ on the lid. The colour of the lipstick is also shown on the bottom of the tube with its own unique name. Despite the simplicity of the packaging I quite like it, the tube also has a matte feel to it which adds to the quality and makes it feel more expensive, but to be honest what can you expect for £8, its hardly going to be 8 carat gold. Therefore, in my opinion, for the price you pay you get decent looking, sturdy packaging.

I would definitely recommend these lipsticks, especially if your on a budget when it comes to makeup, they are such cheap lipsticks for the high quality you get, even if you aren’t a fan of matte lips you can always put a bit of lip balm or clear gloss over the top to add some shine.

Overall, I give these lipsticks a 5/5, to me they are BRILLIANT; they are reasonably priced, nourishing on the lips, highly pigmented and last for hours on the lips without reapplying, what more could you want?

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Real Techniques Core Collection

The Real Techniques brushes, designed by Samantha Chapman; a professional makeup artist known as one half of the Pixiwoo sisters on YouTube, first created the Real Techniques brush line to bring a professional finish to your makeup at home and from the high street. The Real Techniques ‘Core Collection’ is one of many collections Sam has designed specifically in mind to give an easy flawless finish to any makeup look, anywhere, anytime.

About the brushes

  • The Real Techniques brushes are made with synthetic bristles, making them extra soft, compared to other makeup brushes I’ve used, and easier to create a flawless look. With the bristles being synthetic it also means they’re cruelty free.
  • Each collection or individual brush is colour-coded, orange brushes are for a flawless base, purple for enhanced eyes and pink for the perfect finish. As well as each brush being colour-coded they are also cut to the perfect shape of your hand making them easy to grip, allowing precise application and therefore a perfect finish to your makeup.
So, we know a little bit more about these fabulous brushes, but if you are inexperienced with using makeup brushes you may be wondering what products are suitable to use with these brushes. The answer to that question is any, these brushes are suitable for any product; powders, creams, liquids, mineral makeup, highlighter, shimmer, etc. the list is endless. Yes, the brushes may be labelled but it doesn’t mean you can’t experiment and use them for a different purpose, for example; I own the blush brush but I use it to contour, the purpose of these brushes are so flexible you can use them to what suits you best and I think that is one of the amazing things about Real Techniques.
Real Techniques
Pictured above is the Real Techniques Core Collection; (from left to right) foundation brush, contour brush, detailer brush and the buffing brush.
The Core Collection retails at £21.99 here in the UK and were the first set of Real Techniques brushes I purchased about a year or so ago, to me this was the best choice as you have your face essentials in one kit. The Core Collection includes the 4 full-size brushes and the travel case;
  • pointed foundation brush: ideal for liquid foundation, the brush itself is quite small but allows for a precise application and is easy to use to build the foundation to your desired coverage.
  • contour brush: ideal for highlighter or bronzing powder to create a contour and soft finish to your makeup look.
  • detailer brush: a small precise brush which can be used for multi-purpose, e.g. conceal problem areas or use with lipstick to create precise, long-lasting definition and shape to your lips.
  • buffing brush: can also be used for liquid foundation, powders or mineral makeup, this brush creates a full coverage application.
  • the brush case is ideal for travelling or transporting your makeup brushes as it protects them and keeps them safe as well as doubling up as a stand (folds back on itself creating a stand).

My thoughts on the Core Collection

In my opinion the Real Techniques Core Collection is a very useful collection to have, especially if you are a massive fan of all things make up like myself. Not only are the brushes well designed, they’re also very well made. I have had my Real Techniques Core Collection brushes for over a year now, they have NEVER shed a single hair, they wash perfectly and are like brand new once washed, the best thing about them is that they are very affordable and worth ever penny as they are such good value for money.

It is safe to say that Samantha Chapman is a genius, she has brought the high street amazing products, and for people like me who are unable to afford high-end brands she has definitely delivered a high-end experience to our doorstep.

Overall I rate the Real Techniques Core Collection 5/5 as they live up to the hype, they deliver flawless results and are still going strong after more than a year of constant use. This also applies to the other Real Techniques brushes and collections, they are all designed and made very well. In my opinion; they are faultless.