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Collab: Taylor Swift ‘Bad Blood’ Inspired Makeup ❤

Hi beauties 🌞

I’ve collaborated with my beautiful twin beautifulbreakable on two different makeup looks from Taylor Swifts Bad Blood music video,  if you haven’t seen the video, you need to!!! 🙂 To see how Jess created her look below head over to her blog now!! ❤

Jess' Taylor Swift inspired look...

Anyway the look I chose to recreate was the one at the end where she’s sporting a ginger wig, bold winged liner & red lips…


If you’d like to know how I achieved this look, then keep reading..



☆ I started off with the eyes to ensure no fallout ruined my face makeup.

☆ I used some sticky tape to create a sharp line;  position this just under your lower lashline as if it’s being extended!

☆ To achieve this eye look I only used shadows from the Sleek Au Natural Palette.

☆ I took the black shadow & marked out where I wanted the liner. Lining from the inner corner to the tip of the wing,  just carry on your lower lashline to create the wing, & stop at the tail of your brow! Also line the lower lashes.


☆ I then intensified & thickened the liner by going over it with more black shadow. You could use gel or liquid liner,  but I liked the look of shadow.

☆ Be sure to extend the liner into the inner corner too, to create even more of a feline eye!


☆ To add the sultry smokey look to this makeup I smoked out the outer corner of the eye with a dark brown shadow & the same black shadow used before!

☆ I also used the same dark brown to smoke out the lower lashline. Just keep smoking the sh** out of your eyes until your happy!

☆ I did apply black Kohl in my waterline and tightline after I did my base.



☆ Once you’re happy with the eyes it’s time to perfect the skin! For my foundation I used my Revlon colourstay with my Real Techniques Buffing brush 🙂 but just use products you know work for you & suit your skin type.

☆ To hide any dark circles & imperfections I used my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. To set the face I used my trusty Rimmel Stay Matte powder 🙂


☆ To add some life into the face I applied my Benefit Hoola Bronzer as a contour & on my cheeks as a bronzer to warm up the face!

☆ Also to add some shape to the brows I filled in the tails with my ELF Brow Kit & set them with Benefit Gimme Brow.


☆ As the finishing touch I used my Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in 24 red diva to line my lips. I then went over that with my Urban Decay Lipstick in ‘F-Bomb’.

Finished look…


What dya think? Not bad ey.. 🙂
To see how Jess created her look, click here…
Lots of Love Natasha

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Sleek Oh So Special Palette & Swatches!♥

Hi beauties. ☼ After purchasing my first Sleek Makeup eyeshadow palette I decided to create a swatches post so you can see what shades this palette includes. I also wanted to share with you my love of Sleek & I highly recommend you try the brand if you haven’t (especially their eyeshadows). However, there is one product I cannot get along with (more about this in an upcoming post!!) Anyway, here we go…


Firstly, here’s the packaging for the palette, I love the idea of the loose eyeshadow design on the front, it looks fab! There are also tips on how to apply the eyeshadow on the back of the box. I think this is great, especially if you’re a beginner with makeup 🙂

The packaging for the actual palette is very ‘Sleek’, as the name would suggest. It is a soft plastic, which tends to cling to other makeup & get dirty, but hey-ho, it looks pretty!


Here are the colours in the palette. As you can see there is quite a wide range of colours, which I love, it means I can get a shed load of looks just from this palette 🙂

In the first half of the palette we have pinky purple shades & the other half has more wearable browns & taupes to make the look more wearable or deepen it up for an evening look!

In this palette there are 5 shimmery shades & 7 matte shades. This is great as the darker crease shades are matte, I prefer this as matte shadows are better at giving definition to the eye. Also, the white colour is matte, I love using this as a subtle highlight!

If you’d like to see a look I created with this palette, then go to my previous sleek post here.

Here are the swatches of the top line of eyeshadows…

Without flash


With flash


Colours from left to right: Bow, Organza, Ribbon, Gift Basket, Glitz & Celebrate.

Here are the swatches of the bottom line of eyeshadows…

Without flash


With flash


Colours from top to bottom: Pamper, Gateau, The Mail, Boxed, Wrapped Up & Noir.

Have you tried any Sleek Makeup Palettes? If so, which one? 🙂

Thank you for reading beauties, have a fabulous day! ☼

Lots of Love Natasha ❤

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Naked Lunch, Satin Taupe & Sketch.
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MAC Eyeshadows Review!♥

Firstly, sorry for the lack of posts, it seems like I haven’t posted in ages (well to be honest, its been a while!) but I’ve been busy with life and work, I’m sure you all know how it is, but I do promise I’ll keep on-top of posting more in the future. Thanks for the follows I have received, it means a lot to me, if you would like any reviews on certain products just let me know, I’m more than willing to do them for you!

Anyway, on with the post…

20140113_162406Naked Lunch, Satin Taupe & Sketch

After much deliberation I have finally bought my first MAC Eyeshadows, Naked Lunch (Frost finish), Satin Taupe (Frost finish) & Sketch (Velvet finish). At £12 an eyeshadow I had always questioned whether they were worth the money and hype they have received in the past, but finally I caved & decided to treat myself to colours I know I’d wear on a daily basis, which to be honest I have done, they have fast become part of my new daily eye makeup routine.

MAC claim that their eyeshadows are;

Highly-pigmented powder. Applies evenly, blends well.

This claim by MAC, in my opinion, is true. From the first application the product is very pigmented and easily built up to get an even colour pay-off you see in the pan. Also I have found them a dream to blend, I use Satin Taupe & Sketch in the crease of my eye and I can honestly say they make creating an eye makeup look effortless.

MACs Eyeshadow Finishes

Frost finish eyeshadows contain small pieces of shimmer that create an iridescent to the appearance of the eyeshadow, some can be more metallic than the other (from the image of ‘Satin Taupe’ & ‘Naked Lunch’ above you can tell they are very shimmery colours). Although frost finish eyeshadows are popular they have been known to crease (I have not found this) and are shimmery rather than having big pieces of glitter.

Velvet finish eyeshadows are more matte than the frost finish and may only contain a hint of shimmer, it just depends on which shade you choose. The above image of ‘Sketch’ shows the true finish of a velvet eyeshadow as it is demi-matte (only a hint of shimmer). I have heard that this finish is known for being patchy when applied to the lid, but I haven’t noticed this at all, it goes on beautifully.

Lustre finish eyeshadows are known to be a dry, shimmery texture with big pieces of glitter and a pearly look to them. They have been known to have lots of fall out, but since I haven’t used this finish of eyeshadow before I couldn’t give you my opinion. 

Matte finish eyeshadows have no shimmer/glitter to them. They are a flat colour with varying opacity to them. They are often used in the crease or all over the lid to create extra, subtle, definition to the eye. Known for high colour pay-off.

Matte 2 finish eyeshadows are exactly the same as the regular matte eyeshadows with the difference of texture. They are more buttery and easier to blend.

Satin finish eyeshadows are a more subtle and soft iridescent colour, although they are not meant to be frosty, they have a silky finish to the eye with good colour pay-off. Not too matte but not too frosty/shimmery.

Veluxe finish eyeshadows are said to be a lot like matte eyeshadows in their application with a less powdery appearance.

Veluxe pearl finish eyeshadows are similar to the veluxe finish eyeshadows but with a slight metallic shimmer to them.


Satin Taupe & Naked Lunch Satin Taupe & Naked Lunch
I applied Naked Lunch all over the lid & onto the tearduct area, I then blended Satin Taupe through the crease to create more definition.



If you purchase the eyeshadows in the pots, like I have, you will receive a product which is not only fantastic within itself, but the packaging around it is very well made. It is a very sturdy black plastic pot with a clear lid with the ‘MAC’ embellishment on top. The clear lid is a fabulous idea as you are able to see the colour without opening it up. Also, on the bottom of the packaging is the name of the eyeshadow and what finish it is. This is especially helpful for things like blog posts, YouTubers, makeup artists, etc. as it is easier to refer to the name than trying to describe the product itself, some colours are so similar due to the vast variety, making this simply impossible.


Overall, these eyeshadows are worth the hype, well from these three I have tried & purchased! I could not be happier with the quality of the products; they have such brilliant pigmentation, no fall-out (that I’ve noticed) and they stay all day & even night. If you are wanting to treat yourself, then I say go for it, or they would even make a fab present for a friend/family member who’s into makeup, I know if i received even one of these I would be more than happy!


I would definitely give MAC Eyeshadows a 5/5, I highly recommend them & would certainly recommend them to friends and family. I’m sure I’ll be purchasing more in the future, but for now I’m just going to enjoy the ones I own.

Thank you for reading my post, if you have any questions about MAC Eyeshadows or these specific shades I own, feel free to comment below! 🙂 ♥