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My breastfeeding journey: 6 month update!❤

Hi lovelies,

Oh wow. Christmas is 4 days away🎄 CRAZY!!! Where has this year gone?🙊

I have been super busy & legit unable to sit down & write a post. Sad times. I was really getting back in to blogging. Anyway, since I’m able to sit down & write a post I thought I’d give you all our 6 month breastfeeding update! 🙂 My little man reached 6 months old 06.12.18 – where did those 6 months even go?😱

Not a lot has changed really. I’m still breastfeeding but we have introduced solids. We started introducing some solids just over 5 months! To be honest I did a small amount of research but all babies are different so just do what you feel is best, I just looked for advice on suitable foods for his age. Not only did we start solids but Rylie also got his first TWO TEETH. So amazing. We mainly started with veg, pureed then as he got the taste made them in to sticks so he could feed himself – this is baby led weaning! 🙂

Rylie is now 28 weeks. I do like to keep some sort of a routine with his food. For example, he usually had porridge or more recently scrambled egg. He then has whatever veg or suitable food we are having at dinner. I tend not to give him a lot of food later in the afternoon/evening as I don’t want to upset his stomach & want it all to be digested before bed. Even though Rylie has food during the day he has plenty of milk after any food & between food!

On an evening we have started to give him a bottle, to make sure he is having plenty before bed as he hasn’t been sleeping well. He still wakes every couple of hours in the night.. usually no longer than 3/4 hours! This hasn’t made much of a difference as he still wants milk frequently in the night.

If anyone has any tips on weaning I’d love to hear them!

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