First Impression Friday

First Impressions Friday: S&G What A Peeling Face Mask ♡

Hi beauties,

Since its Friday I thought I would bring you a first impressions. Something I’m going to be doing each week 🙂 Aiming for my posts to be every Monday, Wednesday & Friday, for anyone who wondered!❤

I have used a couple of the other Soap & Glory sheet masks, if you’d like a review of those let me know 🙂

Anyway, I got this What a Peeling Mask free when I spent so much on Soap & Glory products!🙂 This mask is very straight forward to use… it’s basically a tacky bright pink mask that you smear all over your face, there was a little spatula included which I used to spread the product on my face. This was easy enough to do but as it doesn’t reseal I wanted to use it all up so piled it all on. This was fine but made the waiting time about 40 minutes rather than the 25 minutes they suggest for the mask to set in order for it to be peeled off the face.

I thought that the product was a sample at first but after having a look online it seems this is the full size product! Above is how they come packaged. You get 2 pots of mask which would do your face twice. The only downside to this product is the packaging, I would prefer the pots to be resealable! So next I’ll either get a different pot & put the rest in for another use, as I did waste half of it by loading it all on at once. Or get a friend or my partner to try it too! 🙂

Below is an image of when I’ve just applied the mask. You can see it’s glistening as it’s wet. It goes matte once dried.

You can definitely tell the mask has dried as your face feels super stiff & tight! I love peeling these masks off it’s super satisfying, it does hurt a bit where there’s peach fuzz hairs on your face but grin & bare it & you’ll be fine. Haha!

Once I had peeled it all off I was surprised that my face wasn’t bright red, it actually looked really nice. It felt so much smoother too like the impurities had actually been pulled from my pores! Yaaay!!

I always thought these sort of masks were gimiky but it seems once again, Soap & Glory have done it. This mask is fab, yes I have only tried it once, but usually if my skin is going to react it’ll do it straight away. I’ve never once had a reaction or broke out using soap & glory products, which is why I keep trying more & more!😍

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product as it does what it says! Like I say the only downside is the packaging but if the product is good then I suppose we can let them off! For a first impression I am definitely very pleased.

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