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Hi beauties ☼

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Congratulations beauty, your prize will be on its way ASAP! ♥

Also, I just want to say a HUGEEEEE thank you to EVERYONE who entered the giveaway & those who have supported me on my blog. I appreciate every little thing you do & I’m so grateful that you all enjoy reading my blog!! 🙂  ♥

Let me know if you’d like to see any specific makeup looks or posts featured! I love to hear from you all 🙂

Lots of Love Natasha

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I won a giveaway…

Hi beauties. ☼

Not long ago I entered a giveaway ‘prettierblog’ was doing on Instagram & I’m sure you’ve guessed from the title, I won!!!

I’m not trying to boast or anything I thought it’d be cool to share with you what I won. Jasmin (of prettierblog) also added more of her fave nail & lip products to it too!! How amazing? 😀

wpid-img_20140625_123830.jpg1. Essence – I ♡ Extreme Volume Mascara. I have used this a couple of times, so far I’m impressed.


2. Essence – I ♡ Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara. I haven’t yet tried this mascara, but let me know if you want a review on either. I’ll be sure to do a review as soon as I’ve tried & tested them fairly 🙂


3. Bourjois Paris – 3D Effect Lipgloss in shade 52 Coral. I’m obsessed with an orange/coral lip at the moment, so this gloss is PERFECT!


4. Essence – Stay With Me Longlasting Lipgloss in Choose Me! I loooove this colour, it’s a gorgeous berry tone. I can’t wait to wear this more!


5. Astor – Soft Sensation Lipcolour Butter in Loved Up. This is a gorgeous brown-y pink nude, it is very moisturising & quite sheer as it is a lipstick, lipbalm & lipgloss in one stick! WOW! 😀


6. Bourjois Paris – Purple Glitter Polish (don’t know the actual name!)

7. Catrice – Liquid Metal Eyeshadow in Under Treasure. I’ve used this nearly everyday since I received it, it’s a BEAUTIFUL colour, I definitely would buy more 🙂

wpid-20140629_220702.jpg8. Catrice – Gradation Blush in Waterloo Sunrise. Although I’ve only used this once so far, I was very impressed! It’s such a lovely colour, the texture is so soft & butter-y & I like how it looks on the skin!


Thank you so much Jasmin for these amazing products, I absolutely love them. I’m so grateful for these, especially since we’re unable to get Catrice & Essence in the UK! Let me know if you’d like to see reviews of any of these products 🙂

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of these brands?

Lots of Love Natasha ❤

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