Holly Go Lightly ❤

Hi beauties 🌞

Yes, I am aware it isn’t Christmas, but my twin (beautifulbreakable) gave this Lush bubble bar to me a week or so ago for me to try.


What is it?
Apart from looking super cute, Holly Go Lightly is a beautiful, festively spiced, sparkly bubble bar. You break a small amount off & crumble it under a running tap to, yes you guessed it, create bubbles!!! The colour of the bubble bar will also tint your bath water, personally this is one of my favourite things about them!!


Why use it?
This bubble bar (and others I’ve tried) smell absolutely divine. They leave my skin feeling nourished & silky soft! Which is obviously a bonus, especially if your like me, who seems to have super sensitive legs (which seem to be irritated by most things:?). Also, the scent of them linger on your skin, who doesn’t want to smell like Christmas? 🙂

I also love bubble bars as they last ages, you only need a small amount of the bar to create millions of bubbles. So you can happily have a few baths out of each bar! 👌


Have you tried any of Lushs bubble bars?
If so, which ones? 🙂

Lots of Love Natasha

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